A leavers last word, lockdown and moving on.


When our wonderful people decide to spread their wings we follow a set process with a good old exit interview so that we can learn from the stuff we did right as an organisation and the areas where we can do better. Rarely are they anything but incredibly constructive for all parties involved and every now and then the team member exiting wants to go a little bit further and share the experience wider.

Hannah has just left us but it seems really important to share her positivity during times like these and highlight that clouds can have silver linings and it’s just as much our role at Sagittarius to support personal development beyond our walls and onwards into the people’s lives and futures.

Hannah’s words.

“Lockdown has been a bit of a strange time for us all, to put it mildly. Rules and regulations have seemed to change daily. A lot of us have been able to work from home - sounded great, didn’t it? For me my initial thoughts were that I would be avoiding the 3-4 hour round commute to Leeds, saving on fuel and parking, having so much extra time that normally would be taken up sitting in mind-numbing traffic. I’d be at home with the opportunity to go for a relaxing walk through nearby fields at lunchtime, save money on expensive coffee shop food and frankly be able to work in my PJ’s if I wanted - oh the benefits seemed huge!!

However, 5 months on and the novelty had very much worn off. I live alone in my little cottage in the countryside, which normally I love. But, being here alone for this long, unable to socialise and go to the gym has hit me hard - this is a huge, huge thing for me as I genuinely need to see my friends and be around work colleagues. It had been incredibly tough. I found that my days soon consisted of only work. Once the fun ideas of redecorating, making-over the garden, baking fresh cakes and doing home workouts etc wore off, well there was nothing left to do apart from filling the gaps with more work whilst getting lost in your own thoughts.

With all of this time alone in front of my Mac, I started to re-evaluate what I actually wanted from life. Which is a rather deep question once you dare ask yourself properly! I took the time to step right back. My heart lies with working closely with people, helping them and making people happy. Other people’s successes and happiness are what make me so happy - hence why I have loved my Account Management role at Sagittarius. However, my passion has always been exercise, pushing myself and reaching that sense of euphoria that you get when you achieve something significant during a fitness journey or challenge. I’ve always depended on exercise and the gym to help with my personal wellbeing and provide essential ‘me time’.

Since day 1 of working at Sagittarius, the team has been supportive of me completing my Personal Training qualifications and training clients before and after work. It’s been rather full-on, to say the least! Whilst re-evaluating my personal goals I decided it was time to push my PT business, Firbank Fitness, and jump into the wellbeing industry with both feet. Right in the middle of a global pandemic. Nothing like taking a risk!

Instead of putting themselves first, Sagittarius knew this was the right thing for me as a person. With their support, I’ve been able to wind down from agency work and transition across putting more time into starting the new venture. I’m incredibly grateful for the support the team has shown me and it shows what a special type of company they are. Everything from big stuff like putting me on garden leave so I’ve had the time to get Firbank Fitness up and running, through to details like ensuring I keep the mobile phone number that has been previously associated to both the agency and Firbank Fitness. I’ve even had support from the Excel wizards helping me with my Tracking spreadsheets for PT clients and the Multi-channel team giving me invaluable guidance with digital marketing advice.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both Team Sagi and my Sagi clients - thank you for all of your continued support and well wishes for my new venture! Looking back, Lockdown has actually been a hugely positive life-changing time for me, so thank you! I’d be letting the marketing team down if I didn’t finish with… If you’d like to follow my new venture, feel free to on social media @firbankfitness”

If you’re looking for a great place to work with people that care about the things you want to achieve then get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 


Whatever your business, be it a regional or global brand, the content you produce plays a vital role in your success. You know that… hence you’re reading this.

A well formulated and executed content strategy not only drives more traffic, at the core, it defines what your business is and helps build a strong connection between you and your audiences.

So let's quickly look at why developing a coherent content strategy is important and how setting clear goals and understanding your audience will elevate your online performance. 

What is a Content Strategy?

It's basic right? Content is at the core of how you define the way your business presents itself and an effective strategy should look to ensure that tone of voice, messaging and the core values are surfaced across all channels, from service or product pages on your website, to blog posts, through social media updates blah blah blah.

But let's keep it simple - your content strategy should be a clear roadmap that connects your marketing activities to your business goals. Align to your customer’s wants and needs and engage them at every interaction point and boom, you're in business. 

Who are my Audience?

You likely start all your projects with this chalked on the wall because your business knows “exactly” who its customers are right? Sounds obvious but we often find its not been done forensically enough (not based on data), is too old (more than 12 months ago - forget it) or its a spin off from some brand work that was legitimately aspirational but doesn’t face the reality of who you your business is actually engaging today.

So start (or circle back) with audience research, building out those personas to understand their ambitions, their lifestyle, their pain points or concerns, and crucially their wants and needs - in your context. 

Do I need to tailor content?

As part of your research find out where your audiences spend their time online and how they interact with content: Some may spend time thoroughly researching a product or service, whereas other audiences may want their content to be quick, snappy or easily digestible in the form of a video, infographic or short blog posts.


Ultimately, the key is to produce a strategy that creates the type of content your customers want to see:

  • What are the problems that your product or service will help them solve?

  • Who are they most influenced by?

  • What voices influence their behaviour?

  • What type of content do they consume?

  • Where do they consume content and engage with brands?

Different Content, Different Objectives

 All content is not born equal: When producing your strategy, it is important that the objectives for each individual piece are defined, that these fulfil your marketing objectives and tie to the overarching goals for your business.

There are various content frameworks that exist to aid content development in this way, but one that is popular and effective is Google’s hero, hub and hygiene method: It provides a framework on developing content to achieve different goals and gives guidance on the effort needed to create each type of content.

Hero Content

Hero content is essentially campaign content, it is big splash ideas designed to appeal to a large audience with the aim of telling your brand’s story at scale. 

Ways of measuring hero include the amount of PR mentions or links from authoritative domains plus social interactions and mentions of your brand across all channels. 

Considering the scale of hero campaigns, this content is not regularly produced and is reserved for peak promotional times where it’s important for a business to stand out from their competitors.

Hub Content

Hub content is the stuff that keeps your audience engaged, it expands on the themes of product or service level content, educates users and helps create a connection between themselves and your brand.

Hygiene Content

Hygiene content is the bread and butter of any website, it is the BAU content for products and services, it is SEO focused and targets important keywords at a product, service or guide level.

How do I manage all this?

Content development is only one part of the ongoing work needed when working with an effective content strategy. We call it “feeding the beast” because it really is the fuel in your brand vehicle and once you start you really can’t stop (if it’s delivering results) but that’s where performance measurement comes in.

Your greatest gift in managing the outputs from your hero/hub/hygiene style efforts is to understand If your content is working. To truly deliver results your business must first understand the objectives and goals of each piece of content to effectively measure its success. That as a guiding light from day 1 will let you slow down, speed up, stop or start new content briefs and projects.

Remember - content strategies are not set in stone. They are living breathing things and should adapt and pivot as insights become available and your brand naturally evolves.

If ever you want to chat content and explore new initiatives we’re always here to help.

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