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Do you work in a Digital Agency?  Is it a bit boring? If the answer is Yes, then you should take a look at us.

We are a multi award winning agency, recently being nominated for five awards one of those winning a coveted Sitecore award; and it is definitely not a boring place to work.

We are constantly updating our equipment with the very best, so we have the resources we need to achieve the highest quality of work.

And no, we’re not all thirty something geeks, sitting, glaring at computer screens all day, although we have some of those! It’s a vibrant place to be, with dynamic talent of all ages. Be willing to learn and share. You’ll be included in our ‘team’ immediately, so you won’t be expected to be a wallflower.

We all work in an open plan office, so although you’ll be working with your team, support services, marketing, finance etc, and even the directors will be nearby. We’re pretty full in Ashford, and our London team is growing rapidly, and our team in the Ukraine is very busy recruiting more developers.

One of our core values is ‘Be Adventurous and Open Minded’. I think it should be other way round.

For the first few weeks, be open minded, and learn from all the knowledge available from our team; then be adventurous; build on that knowledge, try new things, and if you think they work better then show and tell what you’ve learned.

As you can imagine with the array of talent we have, not everyone will agree, but they will listen, and in turn they will build on ideas you give them.

We are now over forty people in total across our head office in Ashford, and other offices in London and the Ukraine, so we have to have a standard method of working, but if you can come up with something new and better, then we are flexible enough to adopt it and incorporate your ideas into our processes.

We do have our stressful days like everyone else but our teams depend on each other to complete a digital projects to our exceptionally high standards, and deliver it on time to our clients, so it’s essential that everyone does their very best work.

To compensate, we usually have choccie biscuits and juice on tap and on Friday beers are in the kitchen to help kick off the weekend!

And it can be loud at times, we have the office music, which depending on who takes control of the system, you could be ‘Rockin’ all over the World’ ALL DAY!!!

So if you’re looking for a challenging dynamic working environment where no two days are the same, then take a look at our careers page and take a leap in to our Digital Marketing world. 

Jan Shaw
Jan Shaw
Head of Finance
Jan has been with the agency for several years focusing on the company accounts she has worked in Finance for many years.
Jan Shaw

Jan Shaw

22 May 2017 - 5 minute read
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