A Unique Perspective on Sagittarius from the Directors’ PA.


I received a random phone call from someone I met recently at a job interview – I didn’t get the role but he knows someone looking for my skill set. Ok, I think, nothing to lose – why not?
A few days later, I’m meeting Claire and then Nick and Paul. The company sounds good – I’m interested. I’m offered a new role within the company – what do I think of the title? Directors’ PA? Sounds good I think, something to get my teeth into.

I joined Sagittarius in June with the brief to ‘sort out the boys’. The people are great and very welcoming. I sit in my first meeting and I realise I have a mountain to climb – so many abbreviations, lots of terminology and everyone seems to really know their ‘stuff’.

A week later, I’m sitting on the Eurostar heading to Paris for the day for our first international conference, again the team are really welcoming, involve me in conversation and I get to know a few of the team a bit better.

I get involved in a pitch for a new client – it’s one we’d really love to win – I’m on catering and timekeeping duties – the pitch goes well, really well and we win a new client. I’m enjoying being back in an agency environment where every day is different.

I sit in many of the weekly meetings that take place and can share that information with those who have missed the meetings. My notes are used as a point of reference for the team and for allocating tasks. Now that we have expanded and have teams based in 4 offices, our morning company stand up is a great opportunity for the team to ‘meet’ and share their goals for the day – I’ve worked with other team members to resolve technical issues and make these useful for the team.

Fast forward a few months, (quite literally, I’m really not sure where the time has gone) and I now have some of my own projects including working with our Head of Talent to get a new online appraisal system in place, making it easier to manage and giving the team a structured approach to their appraisals and career development.

I’m getting good feedback that meetings are happening when they should with a meeting room but there’s still work to do, including trying to maximise the time in Nick, our MD’s calendar. I can talk CI CD, Octopus and tentacles (well, enough to relate to them). I can add tickets to Jira and move them along – I understand epics and swimlanes. I’ve edited my first video and I’m getting to grips with the new Google calendar. I’ve been involved in content population on one of our client’s websites, supporting the training of our new team members and juggling Nick and Paul’s diaries.

Today? I’m off to put the finishing touches to our Christmas party and make sure everyone gets a Secret Santa gift, attend a meeting to make sure we are on track for GDPR compliance in May, a spot of crafting at lunchtime, arranging several meetings, confirming a lunch appointment and then partying the night away.

Marie Heinsen
Marie Heinsen
EA to Co-Founders & Head of Sagittarius Agency Services
Marie is the Directors' EA at Sagittarius and enjoys the fast-moving pace of agency life. Prior to a career break, Marie worked for a small events agency where she could be found producing, co-ordinating and organising conferences within the Healthcare sector. Marie has also worked in a field marketing agency in a client service role.
Marie Heinsen

Marie Heinsen

05 Jan 2018 - 5 minute read
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