AI is about YOU.

AI is about YOU

AI is about YOU - part 1

There are very few terms in the Marketing and Technology industry that spark the imagination like AI. Often followed by a debate that can encompass everything from spooky adtech that’s listening to us through to robotics that’ll render us all jobless. To add further complexity to what is frankly a deeply scientific subject area we often add layers of moral and ethical dilemma about what it is to be human however there is no denying that it's pervasive with just 7% of companies left who don’t use AI.

Many individuals and in fact businesses have a natural fear of the unknown but I think we should give ourselves a break. 93% of automation technologists feel little prepared for upcoming challenges regarding smart machine technologies. If they don’t know then we should stop trying.

So let’s avoid all of that – I want to start an honest conversation about AI.
If you work inside a brand or business that is considering what it could mean for you to start or do more then read on. Over the next 5 days, starting here, I’ll try and redefine what AI means in practical terms and start to explore some of the areas in which it can help you - after all that’s the only reason it was invented.

In part 2 we’ll touch on how it can be used to learn more about your customers, part 3 is about reaching those customers and then for part 4 and 5 I’ll cover off how to inspire the customer and ultimately serve them better. Then we will flip that into a real live conversation on Friday 28th May at 10 am hosted by Andy Readman, Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Wirehive, where you can tune in and pose us some questions based on your thoughts.

Why I hate AI.

AI stands for artificial intelligence, right? Something that’s not real but it’s clever?
I hate the term. Don’t get me wrong I’m a science fiction nerd so I dig it in movies but as part of day-to-day work, it can be a catch-all for the rules-based logic we used to call maths through to predictive algorithms that shadow cryptocurrency markets.

But according to Pega’s consumer report, up to 40% of people still believe AI is here to replicate and replace us.

Let’s reframe it. For me, AI has always stood for Augmented Intelligence and that’s an important flip of emphasis because it’s all about YOU. I’m not alone in this perspective and just this week I've listened to Dr Vivienne Ming talk about AI being a human right that will lift us up to solve poverty, mental health, climate change, and inequality.

AI supports and enhances YOUR intelligence. That is its only reason to exist.
You are essentially the cyborg and you become more effective by surrounding yourself with the right tools. We see the mobile phone as an extension of ourselves and whether it’s the address book extending your memory to remember thousands of numbers or the social apps to improve hundreds of relationships it’s a simple concept to grasp. AI now allows that technology to follow your example and learn from you and those around you to add usefulness, speed or scale.

Let others do the work.

If you’ve played with cognitive services (to coin a Microsoft term) then you’ll know there is something magical about training technology to make tiny decisions on its own. But if you’ve attempted it you’ll also know it takes a lot of hard work. I’m not suggesting people with enormous brains shouldn’t invest their time doing that for our benefit - it's a worthy endeavor. But frankly I’m busy with other stuff so want to reap the benefits of its impact in the easiest way possible.

So how do we take all their hard work and transfer it into a positive impact for you and your customers? Over the next few days I’ll explore that more but I repeat, never forget AI is here to help us. If you have a choice of tech It’s far better to select a tool that has AI built-in or even better one that connects to AI (for greater diversity of machine learning) so that you can apply it to what you are doing right now.

Just to round off this first honest conversation I’d like to pose a question. If 75% of executives fear going out of business within five years if they don’t scale AI, what should they prioritise it for in your business? Remember its role is to augment your intelligence so there lays the answer. Write down the uniquely human things you do best in business and whatever constitutes the rest is where the AI investment should be. It's that simple.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, and indeed about everything digital, drop me a line or tune in on Friday 28th May at 10am and we can chat for real and explore the options that best suit you.

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Ian MacArthur
Chief Executive Officer
Ian is a digital agency leader that’s gone from ECD to CMO to CXO to CEO. Delivering over 12,000 projects and £1bn raised for UK Charities, he’s been recognised in lists like The Guardian Future 50, The Drum Digerati, BIMA HOT100 and PRWeek Power Book. Winner of multiple Grand Prix for strategy, creative, marketing and transformation Ian is celebrating nearly three decades at the leading edge working with the world's biggest brands.
Thumbnail Ian MacArthur

Ian MacArthur

24 May 2021 - 5 minute read
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