Azure Portal - App Service Diagnostics.


Recently, I was doing some work for one of our clients that is hosted on Azure running Sitecore 9 on Paas. I was trying to identify the route cause of an issue that caused a Site outage for 7 minutes.

Now, if you are familiar with the Azure Portal, you will know that it can be a cruel mistress. There are plenty of places for error logs, exceptions and logging can be hidden... Even without enabling Application Insights.

So I was working my way through the time frame of the outage, and there was nothing in the Sitecore error logs that could point me in the direction of the route cause. But I stumbled across something very interesting that I had not come across before, App Service Diagnostics.


Now in this section of the Portal you can Use App Service Diagnostics to investigate how your app is performing, diagnose issues, and discover how to improve your application. You just select the problem category that best matches the information or tool that you're interested in, and you are presented with the following – I was investigating an Outage so I selected Availability and Performance:


It introduces you to Genie, the Portal Bot! Genie then goes on to run a health check on the Web App and provide you with Key metrics, amazing!

You have the option to drill into any of the specific problems that fall into your selected category, in my case, I was interested in the orange box that read “Your Web App is currently running healthy. However, we have detected downtime in the last 24 hours during which your Web App was experiencing errors. Please "View Full Report" to see more detailed observations and troubleshooting advice.”

What a revelation I thought, it’s all there for me in a report…


This report goes onto show Observations over your selected time frame, Application Exceptions. It gives you information to drill into to find the cause of the issue, and exceptions that need to be resolved or handled.

From here you can also review next steps curated specifically for your app. This could include a Profiler Trace, Up Scaling the App.

What a fantastic feature, and I will definitely be making more use of this for our other clients.

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01 Mar 2019 - 7 minute read
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