Boosting Conversions and Reducing CPA!.


Here at Sagittarius we love to report on the success of our efforts whether this is internally via our agency wide morning stand up or externally via our agency blog and todays highlight is one that we think is worthy of sharing with the outside world!

We are pleased to report that we have been working with a national travel and tourism client on a new digital marketing campaign strategy to boost conversions from their Google AdWords and Social PPC activity.

With some quite high KPI’s set from the campaign outset we are pleased to report that we have met our targets for the first two months, and reduced the Cost Per Acquisition by 22%.

So you may be asking how we did it right? Well we don’t want to reveal all our great work but we can tell you is that we analysed which converting keywords were far above our desired CPA (there were around 20 in total), we found the focus of our optimisation efforts.

The campaign strategy is based on focusing spend based on seasonality to drive ROI, e.g. using different channels and strategies during different seasons, with a brand awareness focus around low seasons (using AdWords display and Facebook brand awareness) and search and remarketing around key booking periods (using Google search and RLSA)

We analysed each keyword by certain qualifiers such as relevance and intent / funnel stage to produce new, long tail keywords that were still relevant and likely to convert, but at a drastically reduced cost.

In the event that a new set of relevant and useful long tail keywords couldn't be found, the keyword was removed from the strategy entirely.

This initial piece of work kicks off the opening stages of a 12-month strategy, and we're expecting the CPA to drop drastically once the busy summer season kicks in also!

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Tracy-Ann Lee
Marketing Manager
Tracy-Ann is the agency’s Marketing Manager with a strong background in Marketing and Brand campaigns, Event Management and Business Development. Tracy-Ann joined Sagittarius in June 2021 to deliver exceptional external brand experiences, engaging communications and driving the development of relationships with key strategic partners across the UK, Middle East and United States.

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Tracy-Ann Lee

06 Jun 2017 - 5 minute read
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