Building an augmented team for success.


If this year has taught us all anything, it's that we need the ability to adapt to change quickly and efficiently. For many businesses, the events of 2020 have meant a change in business priorities or pausing certain projects. However, customer expectations haven’t stopped and in many cases, demand has been higher than ever before.

At Sagittarius, we have been able to continue to deliver outstanding digital initiatives because of the way we approach working with clients. We moved away from ‘next project’ thinking because that pushes things further into the future of delays, and towards something far more effective, that delivers results quickly.

How have we adapted to this?

In gaining an even deeper understanding of our client's business and marketing objectives plus any existing roadmaps and transformation aspirations, we are now leveraging our team augmentation model to greater effect. Essentially we provide a consistent, always-on team that can deliver against clients objectives, switching focus quickly if there’s a new customer demand or business need. Teams can deliver multiple projects and BAU development and digital delivery at the same time, working alongside in-house client teams.

We have moved away from working against a ‘project scope’ to a truly agile way of working. With the ability to switch focus quickly, working on an urgent need, but still being able to make inroads on those larger projects.

Using a combination of the client team, who are experts in the brand and business needs, and our agency specialists, who are experts in their field across development, CX, SEO and much more, we are able to create a consistent, knowledgeable and blended team who punch well above their weight.

An augmented team has accountability baked in. They are invested in the client’s success above and beyond the norm and hold each other responsible for respective outputs. Always focused on the goal.

Here’s how we’re supporting our clients

50%+ of our clients now work with us in this way, which allows them to control their spend whilst driving performance and maximising their digital investment.

A recent example is with London and Quadrant Housing (L&Q), where we have created a digital partnership that augments their internal team with our agency specialists, across Sitecore development, front end development, QA and SCRUM. Our core focus is to assist with the website development and digital transformation plans that help them better serve their customers. They want to be digital by design and deliver better, faster and lower-cost services to their customers and we are positioned to help them achieve this.

We are able to scale-up the team for bursts, bolstering the development team to accelerate the programme pace toward the launch of their new Group website. Working alongside their in-house developers and QA teams, following an agile methodology, we are all working to a common goal.

One of our biggest ‘augmented team’ success stories to date is with Jacksons Fencing who is one of our longest-standing clients. Throughout the last 6 months of 2020, they have seen a huge spike in B2C interest with a 300+% increase in revenue and 100+% increase in users needing to trade online in lieu of physical retail. With our approach to working with Jacksons, we have worked ‘arm in arm’ together to create a digital platform that can withstand significant spikes in demand and the influx of interest.

"This year has proved the benefits of having an augmented team set up with Sagittarius. With a huge spike in our B2C side of the business, Sagittarius was able to switch focus quickly and efficiently to ensure that our changing business needs were met. Driving forward positive impact and results, we are confident in the breadth and depth of expertise the team provides. Our ongoing relationship with Sagittarius works in a way that makes life so simple for us, focusing on driving forward "The Jacksons Experience" online to our customers."
Nick Bishenden, Senior Marketing Manager at Jacksons Fencing.

If you would like to learn more about how our Sagittarius technology and CX professionals can be augmented with your brand experts, to create a team who can deliver your digital aspirations, please get in touch via

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Emma Nijjar
Head of Client Services (Maternity leave)
Emma has worked in digital for over 12 years, specialising in eCommerce and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Her experience ranges from website builds, CRO and social media campaigns.
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Emma Nijjar

10 Sep 2020 - 10 minute read
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