Can you afford to miss out on Big Data?.


‘Big Data’ is a big buzzword in the digital marketing world. But it’s no surprise given that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. However, businesses big or small can often use the term Big Data in the wrong context and many are intimidated by it.

What’s the big deal with Big Data?

If brands harness the right tools to analyse Big Data, they can isolate clever correlations and marketing insights to identify new business trends, thereby helping convert website browsers into profitable purchasers. E-skills UK recently conducted a study of 541 firms and none were taking advantage of Big Data. These data-poor firms are putting themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Why do you need Big Data tools?

One of the biggest challenges brands have today is to integrate and connect all their separate pots of marketing data. Web content management tools ticks that box by organising Big Data through your own digital marketing channels. Big Data is about delivering a holistic digital experience – the right tool can manage that experience.

Big Data tools help you to understand your customers better, to anticipate and satisfy their needs directly. If you capture and connect data from different sources and manage these multichannel experiences intelligently you can increase your bottom-line improve your results.

Choose the right content management tool and you can manipulate Big Data to target profitable segments to drive an effective marketing strategy.

Big Data space with the big boys

What sets the Big Data providers apart from the rest of the pack? The leaders of the pack tend to focus on a niche delivery to deliver specific digital solutions:

  • Tools that support non-technical people – these focus on individual marketing experiences such as Hubspot, a bolt on to integrate to your existing website platform. This type of tool can increase customer conversion and monthly traffic so in turn you can extrapolate data to create highly personalised marketing campaigns for individual customers. 
  • Tools to deliver multichannel understanding – Google Universal Analytics allows more detailed ‘universal’ analysis of your website, capturing data from multiple sources (offline and online) to gain a greater understanding of your customers and website users. 
  • Tools to support testing and measurement – Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manageroffers a depth and breadth of capabilities and delivers the right technology integrated across mobile apps and websites. There’s huge growth in social media and mobile devices and tablets are generating that wealth of data.
  • Tools that gather data from numerous sources to a single dashboard like Provenir and Callidus Cloud help turn chaos into conversion Nirvana.

Be warned, one website management solution may not do it all for your brand. For example, personalisation and localisation increase the chances of upselling, increase customer engagement and advocacy, but not all tools are capable of offering that profitable opportunity.

Pick tools that play nicely

If you’re convinced Big Data is the way forward for your brand – ensure the tool you pick is complementary to your existing platform to deliver a richer digital experience. Sagittarius has a key partnership with Sitecore. Sitecore has a highly acclaimed track record of helping brands realise significant revenue streams from their Big Data.

Sitecore is a data management platform specialist that can predict and visualise potential customer behaviour. It is a powerful online marketing tool that will allow brands to personalise content to engage highly focused target audiences.

It offers marketeers and ecommerce managers a system to store, analyse, explain and visualise data.

Up close and personal conversations

By monitoring buyer behaviour data, brands can build a personalised conversation through targeted email campaigns and social media interactions. In such a fast-paced digital world, communicating relevant and engaging content is critical.

If you tap into an integrated customer profile you can capture interests, activities and interactions that helps deliver a more meaningful marketing experience and sustain long-term engagement.

For example, Lady Gaga's manager created her social network site by mining the singer's 31 million plus fans on Twitter and 51 million plus on Facebook. This represented a significant opportunity to heighten the overall fan engagement experience.

With Big Data, you’re better off

Big Data instantly provides more optimised and personalised marketing. Sagittarius can help you turn your valuable customer data into additional revenue. We’ll help you take full advantage of Big Data, providing insights into your most loyal customers, whilst keeping it private. Brands need to maintain a competitive advantage and Big Data tools will enable you to continue to innovate, use unique data, and experiment with emerging new technologies.


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Paul Stephen
Paul Stephen
Co-Founder & Executive Director
With over 25 years in marketing, Paul is one of the UK's leading experts on digital marketing. He oversees the agency and often lectures and consults within the industry on digital and marketing related subjects and has a particular interest and skills in the travel and tourism sectors.

Paul operates nationally and internationally, helping brands to think outside the traditional horizontal and vertical channels and transform their business with creative multi-channel marketing and digital re-invention.
Paul Stephen

Paul Stephen

01 Apr 2014 - 5 minute read
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