Content Repurposing.


Content creation starts at the research and ends up with a well thought out formatted piece of content. But then where does it go?

The next move should to be repurpose that content! Your content doesn’t have to go ‘out of date’ like last weeks milk, you can repurpose it. This means taking your content and turning it into another type of content. For example the blog you have just written, take the stats out of it and turn it into an infographic.

Other ways of repurposing your content are:


Make it presentable! Turn it into a PowerPoint presentation, which could be shown to a group of individuals.

Update your old material

Did you create a post a year ago which is now irrelevant to current marketing? Well now is the time to make it relevant to the current industry.


Have you created lots of in depth content which is too long for a blog? Think about turning it into an e-book, you can then use this e-book to sell other services. For example you could sign up to our website to receive our free e-book.

Give your content a trim up

Did one of your blog posts have really high bounce rate? Look back through it and cut it down, get to the point!

Split an article up

Did you write a long post covering lots of different subjects? Well think about splitting all those subjects up into separate blog posts.

Get Visual

Videos are now one of the best performing format of content, take advantage of this. Make a video of you actually doing what you're talking about. For example if your content is about a new app just released, create a video of you using it. You can even read part of your blog posts out during the video to make it that bit more personal.

There’s just one thing to remember, never ever post the exact same content in two places! This will have a very bad affect on your SEO and could lead to YOU being penalised.



12 Nov 2014 - 4 minute read
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