Digital Marketing – The Ever Evolving Career.


If you don’t keep up, you’ll get left behind!

Are you the type of person that misses learning, a fast pace and dabbling in all things creative? Then maybe digital marketing is the career for you.

We could list what a digital marketing job spec would include, but this is always changing and you could contribute to how it changes…have an idea? want to test a new platform/ad then go for it…(within reason). We only grow and learn through trial and error, so as long as you have method to your madness then all ideas welcome.

I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Media and Marketing, just before the recession hit and in turn many companies reduced their marketing budgets in a panic. It was a tough time to find marketing careers, but my approach was take whatever you can get, learn as much across all forms of marketing and then refine your skills.

During my degree, digital marketing wasn’t even a course module, but just a few pages at the end of text book, this shows us how much has change in a decade.

Did you know the term Hashtag was only added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2014? #omg

Thankfully, Facebook started making it big and in time, people started taking digital marketing seriously and many started to think beyond just sending emails. Social media became part of PR for companies, where brands could become loved or hated based on how quickly and effectively they communicate. And now one of the biggest growth areas is influencer marketing, which has developed from beauty bloggers to sponsoring high profile bloggers to promote almost anything.

PPC has also expanded from mainly AdWords/Social Ads to native and programmatic campaigns, giving us a variety of platforms to use depending on our audience/objectives. PPC is becoming more automated and intelligent in it’s targeting, which in turn may impact the type of roles available in the future.

In additional to the growth of social, there are two main developments, Search engines got smarter and SEO became an art rather than an underworld. Google launched in 1998 and AdWords in 2000..both of which made digital a ‘thing’ rather than just a side line.

In terms of SEO, keyword stuffing was no longer it’s primary role, usability became important, and the more effort we put in, Google would reward us.

Is digital marketing the smart career?
With many recent new stories about the growth in digital and advertising markets, it seems like a no brainer for career choice. The one major risk is that eventually automation takes over 80% of the human ‘doing’ leaving just a few client facing roles and controllers in charge of the robots.

But here are some impressive stats!
The UK advertising industry’s £4.7bn contribution to the nation’s exports is set to grow by 54% over the next five years to £7.2bn, meaning policy makers must take note of its impact on the UK economy.
*The data was published 12 April, 2016 alongside a new report exploring the global impact of UK advertising by think tank Credos, commissioned by the Advertising Association.

What kind of people do we think could go far in Digital Marketing?



15 May 2017 - 5 minute read
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