Facebook Multi-Product Ads.


Traditionally, Facebook ads feature an image, a headline, description and display URL but this has recently advanced. Facebook have introduced Multi-Product Ads. This allows you to rotate several different products in just one ad, with each product having its own title, image and landing page, but just like a normal Facebook Ad they all share the same Description text which appears above the products.

Unlike normal Facebook Ads, when setting up a Multi-Products Ad you can only create it using API or Facebook’s Power Editor.

In order to create using Power Editor you must go into the Power Editor and open your ad account. Then just go about it like normal, create a new campaign, create an ad set within and then create an advert. This is when all the fun begins…


Now you’re in the advert creation part you will be given two options:

  • Single image and link in one advert or
  • Multiple images and links in one advert.

To create a Multi-Products Ad you’ll need to go with the second option (if it wasn’t obvious!)

Below you will see a box titled ‘Text’ here you must write a description about your company/service/products, this will then appear above all the product ads. Once you have done this you will begin adding in your products.

This is what you should see:



  • Enter a destination URL
  • Headline for you product
  • Then a description of your product
  • Add an Imagee
  • Product 1 complete

Do the same for the other products and you’ll be ready to set your Multi-Product Ad live!



25 Mar 2015 - 5 minute read
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