Google plan to reward mobile friendly sites.

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While it’s been considered best practice for sometime to have a website that is accessible to mobiles and smartphones, this week Google announced that it would be placing renewed emphasis on these sites.

Rolling out from this week onwards, websites that Google considers to be a ‘mobile-friendly’ site will be labelled as such in mobile search results. This could have serious knock on effects for sites that don’t comply, as searchers shun these in favour of sites they’ll actually be able to read. With the explosion in mobile and tablet use over the last few years, this is traffic that you can’t afford to miss out on.  

Equally importantly, Google also announced that it was experimenting with using this as a ranking factor, meaning that sites that aren’t mobile friendly may also see their search engine rankings suffer.  

The criteria Google sets out that will determine whether your site is mobile-friendly is aimed at making the experience for users as easy as possible and the main points are:  

  • Not using software that does not typically work on mobiles, such as Flash
  • Using text that is large enough to read without zooming in
  • Content that fits the screen it is being displayed on so users don’t have to scroll sideways
  • Links displayed on a page must be far enough apart that it is easy to select a specific one  

Google have provided a mobile-friendly testing tool so you can check whether your website complies. Reassuringly, a quick check suggests our clients already qualify, make sure you’re not left behind!



21 Nov 2014 - 4 minute read
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