Google releases Google Optimize A/B Testing Tool.


The latest addition to Google’s suite of Analytics tools is Optimize, an A/B testing tool that promises to simplify the process of A/B testing new pages or features on your website without the need for time consuming development work. It is also fully integrated with Google Analytics.

A/B testing is an important part of making improvements to your website, allowing you to test the impact of any changes on audience behaviour before making them fully live.  Previously this has involved working with web developers to create new pages and set up the experiments. Optimize should be far more accessible, allowing A/B tests to be run without making any changes to the website code itself (aside from the initial setup).

While other third party tools do exist that have similar functionality, Optimize is the first tool that is offered for free, though there is also a paid for version (Optimize 360) that allows more in-depth testing.

Features include:

  • ‘What you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editing
  • Targeting options that include portions of your website or audience
  • Objectives based on data in Analytics

We’ll be experimenting further with Optimize over the coming days and weeks so keep an eye out for a full review soon. 



31 Mar 2017 - 4 minute read
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