Icons in Sitecore Experience Platform.


If, like me, you are a user of Sitecore and ever explored the experience profile analytics, you may have come across the same issues as me...

You find the user than has just completed a goal on your website, a form for example and maybe want to learn a little more about how the got there, where they can from, are they a frequent visitor maybe? Well, I have often asked myself this question and after searching their email in experience profile, you are presented with a profile and timeline of the users actions and interactions with your website.

At the top of the page you will find a timeline of their activities and interaction on your website which in detail shows the actions hey have taken. But like me have you ever wondered what all of those items on the timeline actually mean? I know Sitecore don’t provide a key so how are we as marketers suppose to know what all this information means and also make actionable marketing decisions from this? Well today’s I’m going to unveil the cloak of mystery and help fellow Sitecore marketers out abs provide to with a breakdown of what all this really means.
Below you will see an example timeline of a use that has competed a number of actions, goals and engagements across the website.

There are a number of interactions shown and you can scroll in and out to see the dates closer or further apart. Below you can a visitors activity timeline:


There are a number of coloured lines and these depict actions taken: 

Green - Engagement Value Created (Form or Goal Completed)
Yellow - Activity Completed (Page Views)
Purple - A commerce transaction has been completed

There are a number of icons visible in the timeline, these are:


There are also a number of icons that can be displayed below the timeline and these display the channel


Hopefully now you will be able to understand what this data really means now, how to read it and what the user has been doing through their journey around your website, enjoy!


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Sarah Dennis
Sarah Dennis
Head of Marketing & Communications
Sarah is the agency's Head of Marketing & Communications and has a strong passion for marketing campaigns, events and all things Sitecore!

Having joined the agency in 2013, Sarah has been part of the agencies growth story and leads the marketing team in delivering great internal and external brand experiences, driving sales and developing relationships with key strategic suppliers.
Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis

13 Dec 2017 - 6 minute read
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