Going Global? Find out if your international SEO strategy will help you get there.


If you are targeting international audiences through search, you should be giving consideration to your International SEO strategy.

International SEO is a specialist field of work within digital marketing. But it has its fair share of pitfalls and potential issues, if not handled correctly.

Usage of search engines can differ across markets, there may be cultural and language issues to consider plus there is huge potential to inadvertently create harmful duplicate content issues.

There are two key stages to international SEO success:

  1. Planning your strategy – identifying which markets you will target and deciding what online assets and websites will you use.
  2. Reinforcing your strategy – helping local versions of search engines understand and use your websites in the right territories

Whilst the principles of an international SEO strategy are relatively straightforward and based on widely accepted best practice, the most important aspect of a campaign can be the deployment - the devil really is in the detail.

Thorough attention needs to be given to each stage; planning, implementation and post-deployment. All too often, complex international SEO projects fail through lack of planning and attention to detail.

Our Services

We can help you at every stage of your international SEO campaign even if you have already been targeting global markets with different websites or content:

  • Research, identify or quantify international search opportunities.
  • Recommend an international strategy based on most appropriate use of top-level domains, sub domains or sub folders.
  • Manage migration onto different or new international websites to retain SEO value and minimize disruption.
  • Localised SEO campaigns to reinforce local targeting in search.
  • Integrate other internationally focused channels and techniques such as PPC, social media and display.


01 Sep 2016 - 5 minute read
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