Introducing Content by Sagittarius.


Sagittarius launches new content offering to help marketers make the most of their content.

Marketers have been told for years now that ‘content is king’ and that to build brand awareness, customer affinity and sales they need to be ‘doing content marketing’. They’re under huge pressure to deliver quality, interactive content that truly adds value to their customers’ lives.

But it’s not that easy…

  • Customers are more discerning than ever – quickly tuning out when confronted by thin content or lacklustre experiences
  • Content created by various departments across the business can lead to lack of clarity, divergent voices and conflicting experiences
  • Many marketers have inherited a ‘black box’ of content that’s accumulated over the years that is dragging down the website

If you find yourself nodding in recognition of one or more of the statements above – don’t worry. We can help!

Our approach

We’re launching a new content support service to help you assess your current content against a framework of engagement and relevancy.

  • Insight – data-led analysis of where you are now and where you want to be
  • Strategy – actionable recommendations to move your content marketing forward
  • Content and Creative – images, messages and brand narrative that deliver relevance
  • Customer-Centric – putting the customers at the heart of all future activity
  • Multi-Channel – delivering value where customers are regardless of channel or device

Our solutions

We now offer three different solutions that can help you get your content marketing started or put back on track.

Content reviews

We can help you get a handle on what content you have and identify quick wins or long-term recommendations on how to best optimise your content marketing activities.

Content Health Check 
We’ll identify the content you currently have by performing a high-level content audit. We’ll assess your performance against an industry benchmark to score your content maturity. This is both useful in isolation but also as part of an annual/bi-annual progress plan.

Content Assessment and Action Report
We dive deeper into the content audit as well as pulling together a broad measurement framework to identify how your content is performing. We’ll also create a series of key recommendations, quick wins and potential improvement projects to support your thinking/planning.

Content Review
In addition to the content audit and measurement framework, we’ll also assess your competitors to highlight content gaps or to assimilate best practice. We combine all this to create a detailed roadmap of short/medium/long-term recommendations to create a best-in-class content experience that delivers competitive advantage.

Content strategy

A robust content strategy is the solution you need to plan the creation, delivery and maintenance of your content over the long-term. It’s how you can deliver a consistent and cohesive experience to customers, regardless of the channel they’re using.

Our Content Audit and Strategy provides an in-depth look at what content you have and where to go from there.

It answers the big questions: Why are we creating content? Who owns content in your business? Who is the content for? Who is responsible for creating it? How will it be used? How will content be maintained? What format will it take? Where will it live?

Your Content Audit and Strategy will be bespoke to you, but will likely draw on the following elements: 

  • Content audit with search volumes for relevant keywords
  • Measurement framework to help define and measure success
  • Competitor audit and content gap analysis
  • Audience and channel priorities
  • Message hierarchy and tone of voice documentation
  • Workflow and governance recommendations
  • Editorial roadmap with short, medium and long-term recommendations

Creative services

Do you need quality imagery or copywriting for your next campaign? Or perhaps now is the time to get started with video? Do you need editorial support for your brand? Or do you have a migration project that feels overwhelming?

Not all brands have the resources or the time to create the content they need or to manage large content projects.

That’s where we come in.

Whatever the brief, whether it’s managing an overall project, like a video or photo shoot, or diving into the details by supporting a specific project in your CMS, we can act as a creative extension of your team.

What are you waiting for?

There are huge gains to be had for brands that get content and storytelling right. Whether you have a specific project in mind or just want to start the conversation on what’s possible, do get in touch with me today. Email me at or call 01233 467800, I'd love to hear from you!



22 Nov 2018 - 5 minute read
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