My First 6 Months at Sagittarius.


It's been around, well just over, six months now since I started with Sagittarius and it's safe to say I've been overwhelmed with the experience.

I first applied for the job as Finance Assistant on the 15th of October, and from that day, I was in constant contact with Sagittarius. The talent team kept me informed about what was going on every step of the way; giving me helpful and honest feedback. It took four interviews and several meetings with different members of the team. But eventually, I was given the good news that I had got the job.

Having never worked in an agency before, I had no idea what I was walking into. But as my first day got started, I knew I had found something great.

The friendly atmosphere was everywhere; I felt as though I had been instantly welcomed into the team; never feeling like the 'new girl.'

Everyone made time to introduce themselves to me, including the CEO of the company, who even put aside an hour of his day to give me his introduction and the company's history.

The induction process is pretty full-on, with separate inductions with different members of staff from all departments. It was fantastic. Not only did I get to meet so many people in my first week, but I instantly felt as though I knew what was going on around me!

When I joined, my role was very new, I had no shoes to fill, and I was encouraged to make the role my own from day one. Sagittarius has a great support system, and I was provided with the right tools to help me grow as an individual within the company as well as in my role.

Linkedin Learning is just one of the many incredible new introductions since I started, others include Walk it Wednesday as well as a healthy bodies, healthy minds committee; which dedicates itself to ensuring the well-being of everyone working at the agency.

In this time, I've also watched as Sagittarius has embraced the challenges around mental health. They've raised awareness and given staff a platform to ensure everyone feels as thought they can speak to someone.

It's safe to say my first six months have been busy, intense at times, informative, but most importantly, refreshingly fun. I feel like I've learnt so much more than I thought possible, and I look forward to seeing how myself and the agency continue to grow over the next six.

If you're thinking about a new challenge then get in touch with our talent team or check out our latest vacancies here.

Queenie Holmes
Queenie Holmes
Finance Assistant
Queenie previously worked in admin for over 7 years before joining the Sagittarius team where she'll be working alongside the agency's Head of Finance whilst working to achieve her accounting qualifications.
Queenie Holmes

Queenie Holmes

22 Aug 2019 - 5 minute read
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