My First Week at Sagittarius.


Having taken a year out of work and travelling the world returning to the ‘9-5’ daily grind is a rather daunting prospect, right? Wrong… not when you’re joining Sagittarius, and let me tell you why…

Before I started with Sagittarius I had met what seemed like nearly half the staff and spoken to Claire, our Joint Head of Talent, so many times she was on speed dial (ok, slight exaggeration…). Claire’s approach to recruitment was so refreshing and well done that she really made me feel like part of the team before I had started.

All aspects of the employment and contract had been covered thoroughly so there seemed to be no ‘unknowns’. Those classic first day nerves never stood a chance.

Day 1

Straight into meetings and induction: My induction was delivered by Paul, our CEO, which is kind of unheard of anyway where else and a really nice touch for new starters. Then straight into a solid day of Sales, Client Services and Marketing meetings… by then end of the day I felt like a Sagittarius veteran.

Day 2 & 3

Issued my work iPhone – happy girl! Then up to ‘The BIG Smoke’ with my CEO to partake in client meetings. It was great to be introduced to clients so soon and get going with projects from the outset. Information overload!

Day 3 & 4

My laptop had sadly still not arrived… so our CEO went out bought me a MacBook Pro (as you do) and spent his evening setting it up for me… how kind. Of course I was also provided with matching apple keyboard and mouse!

Thursday and Friday was spent in training sessions and getting to grips with internal processes. By the end of the week I felt like I had the week was nicely finished.

It’s actually been three weeks since I started - I have been so engrossed in projects that my ‘First week’ blog is now a 3-week overview. In the last three weeks I have been immersed into the team and client projects. We have had blogging lunches with pizza, arranged our amazing Staff Christmas party, driven complicated projects forward and even jumped on hot marketing trends (check out our Mannequin Challenge

Some of the benefits:

  • A never ending supply of (FREE!!) fruit, biscuits and other snacks
  • Pizza Express Lunches
  • Friday beers
  • Real rewards for those who go above and beyond (zero ‘carrot dangling’)
  • Quality hardware and software to enable efficient and effective output
  • QUALITY ongoing training
  • A fantastic bunch of people to work with who are really driven and proactive
  • A forward thinking and open minded agency who are open to new initiatives and development.

What have I found out from my first few weeks at the agency?

  1. Agency life is good – common sense and a realistic view on things prevails! Hurrah!
  2. There is a HUGE amount of intelligence, talent and passion squeezed into this little office.
  3. Sagittarius board members really care about their employees and it shows.
  4. There is a huge investment in the staff at Sagittarius and this spans training, welfare and benefits – I feel very lucky to have found a place with such a company.
  5. Last, but of course, not least – I’m really enjoying! (pat on the back to me for choosing Sagittarius!)

What’s clear is that Sagittarius really do invest in their team, which is so refreshing! I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks at the agency and feel really positive about their vision and how I can be a part of driving the business forward!

Here’s to the future!

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Natalie Waite
Natalie Waite
Experience Director

Natalie Waite

Natalie Waite

02 Dec 2016 - 5 minute read
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