On the Way To The Top with Google Elevator.


On Tuesday this week, the digital marketing team here at Sagittarius received a very interesting package. This wasn’t a Christmas delivery but a gift from the Google Partners team!

Inside the box, the team was presented with a number of very cool items including our very own rocket and personalised coordinates of the office!

The Google Partners Elevator initiative is exclusive to 250 high potential agencies across the UK giving us the opportunity to accelerate, grow and up skill the digital team here at Sagittarius.

We are very much looking forward to working with Google in the coming months and making our way to the top with Google Elevator!

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Sarah Dennis
Sarah Dennis
Head of Marketing & Communications
Sarah is the agency's Head of Marketing & Communications and has a strong passion for marketing campaigns, events and all things Sitecore!

Having joined the agency in 2013, Sarah has been part of the agencies growth story and leads the marketing team in delivering great internal and external brand experiences, driving sales and developing relationships with key strategic suppliers.
Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis

03 Dec 2015 - 5 minute read
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