Sagittarius: First Impressions.


Having been in the digital world for a while now, I’ve worked with a number of agencies. For any ‘non-agency’ people reading this, you might think all agencies are the same; we all build websites and talk about ROI and growth, we all market your websites through some unfound wizardry and we all keep talking about something called CRO…

Well, Sagittarius isn’t quite the same as other agencies and I’m not just saying that to earn newbie brownie points either!

Upon joining the agency, I was instantly enrolled in an induction process so well thought out and structured it would literally knock your socks off.

The guys had prepared a full induction document containing tasks for me to tick off, including calls and meetings with heads of all departments, bits of reading for me go through, videos for me to watch etc. I haven’t been thrown in at the deep end (yet), I’ve actually been given the time to learn about the agency processes, the core company values, our clients and most importantly meet all of the team. Most agencies get hold of you because they are in desperate need of bodies to juggle all of the work that’s been won yet they can’t get it out of the door or provide clients with the attention they need. It’s just not the case here.

Another thing I noticed straight away is that the Sagittarius developers speak to me, using full sentences. The traditional developer has the old age stereotype attached to them of being unable to speak to other human beings, choosing to communicate with grunts, dressing in hoodies no matter what the weather is like, and generally ignoring anyone who forces them to remove their headphones to listen to them. As you can imagine this does make it rather tricky to be able to work as a team effectively.

At Sagittarius, the devs are a rather sociable bunch and even interact with clients – which is amazing and means we can relay and collect information so easily. I even went to the gym and had dinner with one of our devs outside of work; this is a BIG deal in the world of agency and means we can work with each other and our clients effectively.

The Sagittarius team is set up across a few offices and working in Pods that include different team members from different offices make you feel like one big family. Even the big bosses get involved with weekly calls to make sure they’re in the loop and can offer help and support when needed. Plus, no one is above anyone else, we all do the tea rounds.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery or would like to learn more about Sagittarius, visit our careers page or get in touch via



27 Jun 2019 - 3 minute read
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