Sitecore WFFM form information not displaying in experience profile .


Recently I came across an issue with tracking Sitecore users submitting a Web Form for Marketers (WFFM) form. The trouble was that none of the user details captured in the form were displayed in the Experience Profile control panel and therefore all users converting the form submission goal were appearing as ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Unknown’ inside of the Name column. This was also the case for fields specified in the ‘Create User’ Save Action.

Now most visitors to a Sitecore website will be “Anonymous” as they will not have registered, logged in or completed a form submission for example but are just browsing the website. So be sure that the entries that you are checking are not actually anonymous users who are just viewing some page/s.

knew that my test WFFM form submissions were registered in analytics because you can see the goal conversion for an entry under the Activity tab when you select a name.


Note: By default Sitecore’s session timeout is set to 20 minutes and therefore any new visitor data, including that in the WFFM module, will appear in the analytics Mongo database after 20 minutes of session inactivity. After which the data should appear in the Experience Profile application after 1-2 minutes (after aggregation).

As with most WFFM problems I encounter I contacted Sitecore Support to get some answers and they came back with the following:

  1. Current user should be logged in as Sitecore user to allow Update Contact Details action to save the data;
  2. Create User save action does not perform logging in. You should always add the "User login" save action in order to get this to work;
  3. Experience Profile uses FirstName, MiddleName facet fields, not the FullName or BusinessName ones. You should use these facets instead of FullName in order to get the name displayed in Experience Profile application.


The important step here for me was that you should no longer use FullName or BusinessName in Sitecore 8.0+ but use FirstName, MiddleName or Surname instead. In this case we had created additional user properties to update the name field with the FullName. The fix was to change the User Profile selection to “Name”. The users names then started appearing in the Experience Profile application.


To capture other visitor data entered in the form you can use the Update Contact Details save action to map form fields with the Contact Details you wish to update.


Since Sitecore 8.1+ to capture the contact’s email address you now need to use the "Emails/SmtpAddress" facet instead of the previous "Emails/Preferred" as described here.

Here is also a short video demonstration, provided by Sitecore on how you should set up your WFFM with correct save actions to register a new user in Experience Profile -

Happy Sitecoring!



15 Aug 2016 - 7 minute read
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