6 Steps to get started with Personalisation .


We often get asked, what is the personalisation process. So here is a quick quide on how we can fast track you on the path to personalisation with Sitecore.

1. Pick Objectives

To establish and implement your personalisation strategy, you firstly need to establish your business objectives. You need to establish what is important to your business, and what actions are likely to lead to a conversion)

  • define strategies
  • agree tactics/implementation
  • define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – (Short term and long term)
  • deploy these through the appropriate channels

2. Set Goals

Once your business objectives have been established we need to define your digital goals and the engagement value that you attach to them. We will then map your goals out across all your marketing channels and touchpoints to ensure that you have a comprehensive channel strategy in order to maximise your opportunities.

Goals are not straight forward, in the same way that people do not behave the same when purchasing a service or a product. Goals can help you track the digital touchpoints along the way. Goals are activities that visitors can perform on your website. You create goals to track and measure how visitors engage with the website and campaigns – both online and offline. For example

  • forms completed
  • ecommerce sales
  • key page interaction
  • video or media download

3. Scoring Goals

Once we have created your goals, we then score them with an engagement values, which is a measure of visitor behaviour. Engagement Values are weighted based on their impact on a strategic objective and on how engaged and committed the visitor is in achieving that objective.

4. Engagement Values

You assign engagement value points to score specific contact actions and behaviours, such as achieving a goal or triggering a page event. These engagement value points reflect the business value and level of commitment that you associate with a particular contact action.

5. Segment Audience

We now need to identify who your audience is and we do this through identifying your Profiles and Personas. We will then sense check this against the Potential Impact and Ease of personalising to these individuals. Remember, content generation is a huge and time costly, so we need to make sure we are segmenting the audience in a streamlined and efficient way.

6. Personalisation for Launch

We then look at the theory of personalisation and how it can be used to add value to the organisation. We need to work through actual UX wireframes, designs or pages, looking for personalisation opportunities. Following this it is important to put a framework that assesses these to ensure that they will be worth the effort and deliver real value and ROI.

Next Steps

Want to find out more, why not enquire about our workshops to start you on the path to personalisation.




25 Sep 2017 - 5 minute read
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