Social networking sites most visited website in UK. This can help you! .

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March 2009 saw a turn around in UK user behaviour online with more UK users now visiting social media sites than online retail websites, according to hitwise analyst, Robin Goad. Whilst the downturn in the economy is certainly responsible in part, it still begs the question 'how can my organisation capitalise on this?'

Online retails themselves have responded by increading advertising spend on social media advertising rather than on traditional pay per click advertising. The good news is that as a consequence paid search rates have fallen overall however, online retailers are not advertising less; so what are they doing?

Well, they're following in the trend of a growing number of Sagittarius Digital's clients and focusing more of their marketing and search spend on tactical advertising through pay per click and display advertising on the social networking sites. Why? with a more greater ability to focus one's target audience and lower media costs, social networking sites offer a great way to create tactical, results focused, cost effective advertising. Having worked with CIA Insurance, and other clients on platforms such as Facebook, MCN and others as appropriate for each client, Sagittarius Digital has continued to find new and exciting digital advertising channels. By working deals through PPC, CPM and CPA with relevant, appropriate media providers, Sagittarius Marketing has been able to produce some staggering results in terms of increasing cost effectiveness, customer acquisition and brand engagement for its clients.

With more and more people switching on to social networking, across all ages and abilities, to not include social networks and social media websites in your digital marketing strategy means you really could be missing a golden opportunity to find new customers at a time when the general message is 'it's tough out there'.

Author: Nick Towers, Director of Digital



27 Apr 2009 - 3 minute read
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