Sprint Planning: Why is it Essential for Success? .


In my time I’ve worked on a lot of client projects and each one has been managed slightly differently to the next.

In this time, I’ve also been privy to projects where sprint planning has been de-prioritised leaving the team to work in isolation and ineffectively.

Sprint planning is the first component of SCRUM and is where the product owner defines the goals of that sprint, the acceptance criteria for each user story and where the development team ensure they understand the definition of done.

At Sagittarius, Sprint Planning is a key part of the project management process; achieving buy-in from every member of the team at the earliest possible stage.

This helps prevent developers from working in silos and potential conflicts further down the line which could result in code duplication or conflicting code which would ultimately lead to a delay in delivery, technical debt as well as inflicting strain on client relationships.

I spoke to Project Manager, Kay Stampoulidou, about her thoughts on sprint planning, here’s what she had to say: “At the heart of everything we do should be the right kind of communication at the right time.

“Scrum is a framework that is designed to ensure we do just that with our clients, of which one step is the Sprint Planning. This type of structure is imperative during any work we do with our clients - during sprint planning we discuss and lock down the scope of the sprint and ensure we capture all requirements and outcomes through the narrative and acceptance criteria; prior to that of course we will already have looked at scoping out the UX and Design for the sprint work at hand. The biggest gain we have when running work like this is, that all parties, product owner (client) comes together with our team (developers, quality assurance, pms etc) and iron out any questions that might stall the progress."

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03 Jul 2019 - 5 minute read
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