Supercharge Sitecore With an Investment in Training .


Digital transformation and an ambitious strategy are often the catalysts for procuring an enterprise-level CMS such as Sitecore, and understandably expectations for results are high. However, organisations often lose sight of the vast features and functionality post-build delivery, rendering future teams redundant to its potential and merely using it as a basic CMS.

In this piece, I'll explore three key reasons why all businesses investing in Sitecore should also be considering training for their team.

#1 Smash KPIs

Post-implementation training should be your number one priority; the investment will empower users to truly understand and leverage the platform, showcasing best-practice and innovative marketing strategies.

Before you can achieve this, your team needs to understand the CMS, its vast content tree, media library, modules and components, as well as the infamous Experience Editor - which is vital in understanding how to execute more advanced marketing functions and how the content created really looks to the outside audience.

Sitecore XP is a powerful system with the un-told potential for businesses looking to realise their marketing goals and achieve KPIs, but users must understand it. Or risk your significant investment becoming a simple CMS.

#2 Align with your business strategy

Configuring the back-end of Sitecore with your users in mind is essential to provide your organisation with useful and relevant data about your target audience visitors, that can support your business strategy.

Using Sitecore profiles and tracking, your organisation can gather information about user's behaviour and usage on your site with a focus on priority prospect user types or personas. The live data and insights captured can be used to strategically inform changes and evolutions to the site, or make contextual marketing message changes, aligning with what your customers want to see and respond to.

Sagittarius uses a series of SBOS workshops to help Sitecore project stakeholders understand their audience needs and wants to build personas that help marketing teams to better target through personalisation and contextual marketing messages.

#3 Supercharge the customer experience

For those who have used Sitecore for some time already, refresher or advanced courses can be hugely beneficial to help unlock features that will elevate your organisation's marketing performance, especially with newly released versions of the platform.

Personalisation is the holy grail of Sitecore's experience platform and gives your customers a tailored journey that will optimise their experience. But other advanced features such as A/B testing and marketing automation can be equally as effective in delivering a streamlined customer experience that optimises website usage and improves conversion.

Sitecore training: tailored to you

Our Sitecore training tracks, offered through the Sagittarius Academy gives businesses access to a series of learning tracks for both developers and marketers to ensure they are implementing best-practice as well as equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to really understand the platform and fulfill its potential.

To find out more about our academy offering visit our website, or to speak to a consultant about how we could deliver bespoke training for your business email us at

Natalie Waite
Natalie Waite
Experience Director

Natalie Waite

Natalie Waite

06 Nov 2019 - 2 minute read
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