10 Reasons to use Periscope! .


Periscope is a video streaming platform owned by Twitter and was launched in March, 2015.

Similar to Skype, but allows you to stream to the masses, globally rather than one or two people. As well as live streaming, broadcasts also can be viewed again for 24hours.

You can search for streamed videos all over the world in a map view.

There are more than 10 million Periscope accounts created across the World with many users in the USA, Turkey and Brazil. The demographics are varied but most users being between 16-35 years.

As with all social media, you need to brush up on the Periscope lingo:

  • Scoper – A person who is on the Periscope platform
  • Scope – Each time you live broadcast, you create a scope.
  • Hearts – Tap on the screen when viewing a live scope and send hearts. 
  • Follow – If you love a scoper, why not follow them and find out when they are broadcasting


1)  Keep up with the kids

Did you take a while to join the Facebook/Twitter millions, then impress your friends (and kids) and join periscope and become an early adopter!

2)  Learn a Language

There has been a 70% increase in ‘how to’ searches on YouTube each year – as more and more people turn away from instruction manuals’ (Google)

They say the best way to learn another language is to experience it: You may have basic knowledge of French; perhaps you are in the process of learning or the aspiration to learn. Why not pick a Country, a live broadcast and see how much you understand?

3)  Visit anywhere in the World

There has been a 118% year-on-year increase in views of travel videos on Youtube

Do you dream of visiting New York, why not go on a tour of the top destinations or plan your perfect trip.

4)  Use your i-Phone (Other devices are available)

50% of global viewership of YouTube comes from mobile devices

With more open Wifi and faster 4G mobile networks combined with state of the art in-built cameras mean you have the power to make and broadcast anywhere.

5)   Watch your favourite band live for Free

Find a music venue: 02 Arena, look at all the live broadcasts and pick the one with the best seating. Sit back and enjoy the gig from your favourite band.

6)  Real Life television using Periscope on Apple TV

With the increase in TV channels and sheer volume of reality programmes, why not watch real time Periscope broadcasts on Apple TV.

7)  Feeling Home Sick?

Are you away from home, perhaps travelling or working abroad? Maybe have a look at all the broadcasts from places that you know, perhaps by people you know such as family members.

8)   Snoop into conversations about nothing important

We are all nosey; otherwise, social media would not have developed into anything.

With the world full of content in real time, take some time to click on another person’s ‘scope’ and watch someone rant and see the strange comments other scopers leave on their broadcast. 

9)   Bring World News to life

With so much news available from around the World, you can see the news for yourself. With recent attacks in Paris, there were many Periscope broadcasts from the news teams on location and opinions from people in the area during the aftermath. We

10)  Feel included

Similar to number 7, but with families and friends no longer living in the same towns, video is a great way to keep in touch. Periscope allows users to have private broadcasts to friends and family so you can even include the kids. You can even send some ‘hearts’.




12 Jan 2016 - 5 minute read
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