The Benefits of Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Azure has multiple benefits including speed, scalability and security which we’ll explore below. But you maybe asking, ‘what is Microsoft Azure’?

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud computing services and a hosting platform that has the ability to help companies transform their use of technology to meet business objectives. Microsoft Azure gives brands the tools to manage, build and deploy a variety of applications, globally.

Azure offers three models for building and hosting solutions, these being SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service).

Below we will explore some of the benefits offered by the Microsoft Azure platform, these include:


Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest hosting solutions on the market and for most businesses, this is a competitive advantage as it gives them:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Speed of operation
  • Speed of scalability 


Scalability can be an issue for customers that have ‘flash sales’ or periods of low and high flows of traffic. Azure allows you to scale your usage to meet the demand on your website helping to keep customers happy and save businesses money!


A key feature for most Azure customers is the ability to access a project at any time from anywhere; especially for those who are working with Global development teams.


Azure is one of the most secure platforms on the market, their cloud-based service defends against more than 1.5 million attacks a day; learning and improving their defence to ensure customers have the most up-to-date malware protection available. Azure also enables you to back-up at multiple locations globally to ensure that your data centre is backed-up and secured at all times.

Simplified Migration

Azure gives users the freedom to migrate with absolute ease. Working with a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner such as Sagittarius will also give you the support needed when thinking about migration based projects.

The Home of Cognitive Services

Microsoft Azure is also the platform of choice when thinking about how data and AI can empower digital business change with your organisation and is home the Microsoft cognitive services suite of products, allowing business’ to engage customers, optimise operations, empower employees and transform products.

Tools from the cognitive services suite such as vision, speech, language and search are used to power these solutions and build digital solutions such as voice search functionality and chatbots.

How can your brand start its Azure Journey?

Sagittarius is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner and is able to offer advice, support and build solutions for brands looking to drive digital transformation and move to stable, reliable hosting solutions, such as Microsoft Azure.

If you would like to talk to one of our solutions architects about how Azure could improve your development capability and hosting infrastructure, get in touch as we would love to talk to you on 01233 467800 or email

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Tracy-Ann Lee
Marketing Manager
Tracy-Ann is the agency’s Marketing Manager with a strong background in Marketing and Brand campaigns, Event Management and Business Development. Tracy-Ann joined Sagittarius in June 2021 to deliver exceptional external brand experiences, engaging communications and driving the development of relationships with key strategic partners across the UK, Middle East and United States.

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Tracy-Ann Lee

05 Feb 2019 - 5 minute read
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