The True Life of an Intern .


Tea and coffee, milk runs, washing up… These are the terms others and I associate when ‘Intern’ is mentioned. However, it hasn’t exactly been like that with Sagittarius.

I arrived as an Intern Developer in June 2016 as part of my University sandwich year, wanting to develop my understanding of the world of client side development. When I arrived, I soon learnt the meaning of Client Side from a Server Siders’ dictionary, ‘making colours and pretty pictures’.

As time elongated, my ideas and thoughts expanded and my pay… stuck still. I began to increase my job role and excel my overall understanding of agency workflow and office life. I began working with Design, UX and Project Managers assisting their work, decreasing their workload. Doing these tasks I learnt the ropes of the job, the amount of admin work that is required before a project is undertaken, and how to keep important documents safe and protected.

I went through a phase that influenced my desire to stay at Sagittarius. I have always been a competitive swimmer from the age of 9, I have been taught by GB Coaches and been lucky enough to train with past and present Olympic swimmers during my educational years at school. My knowledge and natural talents of the sport, like others that swim, understand it isn't an easy lifestyle to live, perfect and endure. Because of this knowledge, I previously went into teaching swimming and found teaching was a hidden talent I didn't know I had. I loved this career, and missed this when I moved to Sagittarius.

My fault was comparing this experience to the placement at Sagittarius. For you that don't know, it is a job that requires a computer and a desk, which for me was new. Going from an active part time job at the sports centre and some office hours working for my father (that let’s be honest, wasn't really a job as I got away with everything), to one that doesn't include any activity or interaction with other people (like customers or members of the public) it was difficult to get used to.

I sat down with our Head of Relations, who said “stop treating this as a job, or an employment. Use it to learn, increase your understanding of agency work and improve your abilities.” From then on, I have done just so. Through requesting different jobs, I increased my understanding of agency work and the ability to be as flexible as possible as I was taking on jobs that would have required a; Designer, Client-side Developer, Video Editor and or UX Developer. With this new mind set, I then went back to what I enjoyed at the sports centre and asked to carry on teaching two hours of classes on a Sunday and build up my private lesson list, whilst improving my work at Sagittarius.

I feel I have found myself this year, I have found talents I didn't know I had, and had the opportunity to get involved with everything and anything the agency had available. Which, had no real connection to why I started with the aspiration of an intern developer.

Overall, I will let you into a secret of mine. I have taken away a lot more than what people think, yes I haven't really been able to do much development but the rounded Evan that arrived is coming away even more rounded, no reference to the biscuit box in the kitchen, but through all the jobs I have done and endured through my placement at Sagittarius.



24 May 2017 - 5 minute read
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