What is Sitecore Commerce? .


Sitecore Commerce is probably the single most important update to the Sitecore platform since personalisation and dynamic segmentation was introduced quite some time ago!

In a nutshell, Sitecore Commerce brings enterprise level ecommerce capabilities to the market leading digital experience platform. A platform that already contains cutting edge features such as automated marketing, dynamic segmentation, A/B Testing and, of course, personalisation.

Imagine a platform where in a few clicks you can customise the calls to action, messaging and look and feel of your ecommerce catalogue and product pages, for each and every customer individually. And, this can be done based on any combination of their browsing history, search terms, social activity and website behaviour. In essence, this is what Sitecore Commerce is and allows you to do.

The Key Features of Sitecore Commerce include

  • Deliver unique optimised customer experiences through personalisation based on learned and earned customer data
  • Single customer view of your prospects and customers to understand their content, search and product requirements
  • Out of the box automated emails, including cart abandonment, order confirmations and a few other personalised automated email communications
  • Post purchase customer nurturing through automated multi-channel marketing and communications
  • Enterprise product, inventory and order management
  • Out of the box functionality to support 'software' products and downloads meaning you can sell anything from sofas to software or apples to zumba workouts
  • Connectivity to any internal or back office systems via Commerce Connect and the Sitecore API

Oh, and it's multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-channel out of the box!

Commerce, Content and Community

With this latest advance, Sitecore is taking a stand to be the market leader in Commerce, Content and Community - empowering brands to own and manage the customer experience whilst they research, compare, buy and use their products, across all channels and all of the time. With social advertising outpacing traditional search media, the importance of brands to connect early and nurture their customer through social channels and the early stages of the purchase process is now more critical than ever. We know from our own experience in travel that social provides little 'last click conversion' however is critical through the research phase and for inspiring the next customer.

Through Sitecore Commerce, EXM, FXM and PXM, you can now manage and respond to the next customer based on their multi-channel interactions with you and your brand using personalisation, automated marketing and integrated social, email and print channels.

The Ecommerce Opportunity and You

In the last 5 years ecommerce revenues as a percentage of retail revenue has more than doubled in the US going from 6% to 12%. In the UK, some sources say that 19% of total retail revenue comes from digital and ecommerce. At Sagittarius we already have a number of travel and tourism clients who sell over 70% of their availability online. The opportunity is therefore enormous and you need to make sure that you are equipped to deal with it.

As products become brands and brands become publishers and broadcasters, you need to have the right people, processes and platform in place to ensure that your brand is optimised for the next generation of online shoppers. Millennials are now in their 20s and 30s and Gen Z, who have had the Internet since birth, are now entering their 20s - these people are brand focused, massive consumers of image and video content and your future!

Sitecore's Ecommerce platform allows you to be at the center of your customers' multi-channel purchasing process now and into the future; seamlessly integrating and optimising the customer experience through personalisation, behavioural learning, re-targeting and automated marketing across web, mobile, email, social, print and in-store. It's the complete enterprise ecommerce solution, designed for ecommerce in the new digital age.

Nick Towers
Nick Towers
Co-Founder & executive director
Co-Founder and self-confessed massive geek, Nick has been in digital since graduating from law and moving into technology many years ago. Through a combination of building awesome client relationships, crafting a formidable team of digital experts and consistently delivering results for our clients Nick has taken Sagittarius from being a successful small agency to the global digital customer experience consultancy and Sitecore powerhouse that it is today.
Nick Towers

Nick Towers

15 Nov 2017 - 5 minute read
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