Whilst the world sleeps, Jacksons Fencing forges forward.


Whilst other major online retailers have struggled to cope with changes in shopping behaviour and adapt to the ‘new normal’ that Covid-19 has brought with it, Jacksons Fencing, a leading manufacturer of timber garden fencing, decking and gates, achieve another record breaking month this year with an incredible increase of 106% in e-commerce revenue in April when compared Year on Year.

During this time, while the world is taking time out and consumers are embracing the UK lockdown, you might expect to see an increase in home and garden improvements whilst we have time on our hands. However to ensure your company and website is able to capitalise during these times you need to have a strong SEO share of voice - essentially essentially you have to be in it to win it. Sagittarius has effectively worked hand in hand with Jacksons Fencing to drive progressive SEO roadmaps, delivering critical SERP visibility at a time where customers are exploring the wider market, and translating into a sizeable increase in e-commerce revenue.

Organic search performance:

With our strategic direction and tactical implementation, Jacksons now have 88% of their target keywords appearing on page 1 of Google (54% top 3), and a Top 4 Organic Share of Voice in a market dominated by household brands. With this performance, you can see how they have managed to deliver the following uplifts in April from organic search:

  • 118% increase in users
  • 107% increase in transactions
  • 309% increase in revenue

Marketing Weekly recently reported that just 7% of brands are currently investing more in marketing, with 50% ‘living to fight another day’ and cutting spend. It’s apparent that many brands have become heavily reliant on organic search as their main channel for driving traffic, therefore ensuring online visibility is vital if they want to compete. Our point being, if the progressive and strategic work hadn’t been carried out on the Jacksons Fencing website, they would not have had such a strong organic search visibility and wouldn’t be in a position to take advantage of take advantage of the recent uplift we’ve seen in consumer interest where time at home during lockdown has acted as a catalyst for home improvement projects.

Having emphasised the importance of online search traffic, it’s also clear that hits certainly aren’t everything and only tell one side of the story. A focus on optimising your customers’ experience has never been more important. Customers have little or no patience with poor performing websites and apps. They won’t hesitate in switching to a competitor if they deem their digital experience with any brand to be poor. I’m delighted to say that Jacksons Fencing was prepared for the recent surges in traffic we’ve been seeing, and their investment with us in technical technical infrastructure and improving performance has really paid off. This comes at a time when other key competitors and national players in the market have seen quite the opposite, having introduced the dreaded online queuing systems or website failing completely, much to the dismay of customers.

CRO performance:

The arrival of May 2020 2020 has seen the drawing to a close of our first year’s Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) adventure with Jacksons Fencing and what an amazing year it’s been. Our roadmap of hypotheses and treatments, detailing a number of tests that we can intravenously rollout to aid our research and understanding of ways to improve on the existing user experience, has led to a series of improvements in conversion rates throughout the year. This means that not only have Jacksons managed to capitalise on increased traffic volumes from their digital brand equity, but they’ve also succeeded in converting users at a higher rate. Looking at April's figures, we can see there has been a 20.08% increase in conversion rates YoY.

This is something we have been continuously improving across 2019 and 2020, as we overlay with the successful implementation of iterative UX enhancements, much to the delight of our client:

Sagittarius understands how our business operates and has allowed us to drive sales through their digital expertise. We’ve always seen the value from our investment in SEO, however it’s tmes like these that you really take stock of what you’ve achieved.

Investment in CRO was a new investment for us, however we’ve been exceptionally pleased with the performance and the results clearly demonstrated to all stakeholders to see. Sagittarius continues to challenge us on how we operate and communicate with our customers which is really refreshing and helps us to take a step back and take note of different user perspectives of our products, service and digital user experiences.

Nick Bishenden, Senior Marketing Manager, Jacksons Fencing

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Catch up, keep up, or stay ahead!

Wherever you are on your digital roadmap, the current climate offers a great opportunity to assess and reflect on your journey. It allows you to evaluate how you are faring in comparison with the competition; to consider how you can calibrate to the changes we’re already seeing in consumer behaviour; and to ensure you’re in a strong position to come out of the starting blocks firing on all cylinders, as we go through the various phases out of lockdown and continue our pursuit of “the normal”.

With the competitive landscape constantly changing (now more than ever), understanding who is outranking you in the spaces you want to own across the search engines and how you are faring against the competition is critical. This will help you to reshape and hone your focus, identify quick wins, understand where you can make the most impact, and strategise to build upon your wins and build your Share of Voice

Key areas of focus:

How is your content performing?
Review your content and content plan. It’s easy to continually write new blogs with no end in sight, and before you know it your site has an abundance of content with no clear understanding of how it is performing. What was its purpose? What were the KPIs set for particular pieces? And does it have a clear user intent? Once you’ve conducted this analysis, a ‘keep, kill or combine’ exercise is the best starting place to gain back control and help you focus.

Reflect on your Technical SEO
Reviewing your Technical SEO and what’s been delivered since your most recent audit - if you don’t have something recent, conduct one. It’s unlikely that you can resolve all the issues that will have been identified straight away, but you can prioritise and build into a variable roadmap for implementation that ensures Technical SEO tickets are included in your sprint planning and don’t fall by the wayside.

How can CRO enhance your customers' experience right now?
There’s no doubt that normal shopping habits have had to change. How long they will change for...who knows, but they’re unlikely to revert back any time soon. If budgets are tight, focusing on your CRO programme is a cost effective and agile means to quickly rolling out customer experience enhancements that align with your digital goals.

We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we could add value to your SEO, CRO, Content and other digital marketing initiatives. Whether this be from a strategic consultative perspective that helps to guide and empower your internal team, or taking the mantle and driving roadmaps by means of our agency lead’s expertise.

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Ross Breen
head of client services
With a wealth of Account Management experience under his belt, Ross has lead the growth of many key clients over a number of years and has a broad understanding of the various digital marketing disciplines, working with brands in a number of industries including Travel, Retail, Finance and Insurance.
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