Personalisation in Manufacturing.


Construction and Manufacturing brands service a multitude of users on their site and with more brands directly marketing to the B2C market as well as B2B, a one size fits all content and CTA approach is not working. Users expect to see relevant content to their needs and be guided to take action. This is where your personalised approach to web experience is key.

Sagittarius recently tackled this challenge with one of our clients, Bristan ( To solve the issues we used our Sitecore Business Optimisation Services (SBOS) workshops. The programme is designed to help clients establish their personalisation strategy by working through the steps needed to put an implementation plan in place and ultimately provide a framework to steer future personalisation configurations.

The workshops helped the team with the strategic planning and utilisation of the Sitecore DMS/xDB platform and the marketing features afforded by it. Our focus was:

  • Goals & Engagements - What are your website goals? How valuable are they?
  • Profiles - Who are your key audiences?
  • Personalisation - What are your personalisation strategies?

To establish and implement a personalisation strategy, you firstly need to establish your business objectives.
You need to articulate what is important to your business, and what actions are likely to lead to genuine conversion. We typically start this process by the following steps:

  • define strategies
  • agree tactics/implementation
  • define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – (Short term and long term)
  • deploy these through the appropriate channels

Personalisation strategies should align with business objectives and their associated marketing sub-objectives. By establishing what is important to the business we know which actions are likely to lead to a conversion and thus we can define the important Goals that should be tracked along the way or utilised to trigger the next best action. This is something that is identified in the initial ‘Goals and Engagement’ workshop from the SBOS programme.

In Sitecore terms ‘Goals’ are activities that visitors can perform on the website which can be tracked and measured to see how users and prospects are engaging with the website and campaigns – both online and offline. When coupling this workshop with VoC research that we gather through user interviews, it soon became apparent that many of the key goals identified by the business were poorly signposted for many of their user groups. This was something we were able to address by personalising key user journeys to better surface tailored CTA’s to the users.

For example, CTA’s associated with ‘Add to Project’ and ‘Ask us to Specify’ will be surfaced when Specifiers (B2B) browse product pages, whereas ‘Add to Wishlist’ and ‘Find a Stockist’ CTA’s will be surfaced for Homeowners (B2C) browsing the same product page.

“Being able to identify different user groups on the same website has allowed us to personalise content so that our communications are more relevant and tailored to the audience. This is really important as the Bristan website caters to 4 main user groups across B2B (Installers, Specifiers & Merchants) and B2C (Homeowners), all with very different needs and expectations of the site” - Lynsey Turner, Digital Marketing Manager - Bristan

Not only are we able to identify users based upon their Profile, but we are able to divide those Profiles into different Personas which allows for more granular segmentation and therefore enhance contextual messaging.

Using their Bathroom Installer Profile as an example, our SBOS goals and engagement workshop identified two key objectives for this audience

  1. Increase the number of Installers registered to their ‘On Tap’ initiative. This is a fun, friendly community where Installers can come together to share their passion for their trade and interact with like-minded people. Being an ‘On Tap’ member gives Installers access to a wealth of benefits including dedicated customer service & training, updates with the latest product information, and access to their ‘Reward Scheme’.
  2. Increase the number of Installers utilising and therefore getting value from the ‘Reward Scheme’

What can sound quite simple is often completely missed when brands build their experience. By being able to segment Installers into ‘On Tap Members’ and ‘Non-On Tap Members’ Personas means that we are able to deliver contextual messaging for Bristan which; encourages those users who aren’t members to sign-up by communicating the benefits of the community, and encourage those who are registered to utilise the reward scheme available to them through promotions and incentives.

Most important our work has Bristan a framework to implement and monitor the performance of personalisation, identifying what works for their user groups. Not only will they be able to measure the ROI of the different journeys but crucially be able to continue improving their brand and commerce experience online so it stays relevant to their different user’s needs.

If you would like to learn more about how Sagittarius can support your business and implement a successful personalisation strategy, get in touch via email or call 0208 070 7820

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Emma Nijjar
Head of Client Services (Maternity leave)
Emma has worked in digital for over 12 years, specialising in eCommerce and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Her experience ranges from website builds, CRO and social media campaigns.
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