Baxi UK Migrates PPS to Sitecore.


In 2017, Baxi UK procured Package Plant Solutions (PPS), an established packaged plant room specialist.

In a bid to maintain security and scalability for the group, in 2018 the decision was made that the PPS site should migrate into the wider Sitecore technical environment, alongside the rest of the Baxi websites. This move would also enable Baxi UK to streamline their content management efforts; ensuring synergy across the brands.

As their elected Sitecore partner, Sagittarius oversaw the UX, design and technical migration of the PPS website and provided a holistic, strategic approach across several stages, including: 

  • Project planning
  • Research
  • Sitecore CX planning
  • UX
  • Design
  • Client-Side Development
  • Launch

Initial stages of the project included key stakeholders workshops with the PPS team to outline key business and marketing objectives, KPIs as well as the strategic approach. This session ensured that both the PPS and Sagittarius teams were in-sync to deliver a successful launch.

Development stages of the build included the delivery of an acceptance environment, meaning the PPS team could review and amend content right up to launch. Once approved, the site was transferred to the production environment and pushed live with best practice activities employed including:

  • SEO support and URL redirects mapping
  • Set up of Google Analytics, goals, tracking and tags
  • Post-launch SEO diagnostics and analysis

These steps combined ensured that the website would successfully go live with content and design approved and SEO under observation, giving the PPS and wider Baxi team peace of mind during and post-launch.

If you would like to learn more about how Sagittarius can support your Sitecore journey, please feel free to get in touch on 0208 070 7820 or email

Images provided by courtesy of Baxi Heating UK trading as Package Plant Solutions.

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Tracy-Ann Lee

10 Mar 2020 - 2 minute read
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