Building a World-Class Digital Team in Colombo.


2018 has left its mark on Sagittarius with significant recruitment, client wins and now the expansion of our Sri Lankan team as we extend our digital arm in Colombo.

On Wednesday 5th September our lovely Sri Lankan team were joined by Sagittarius CEO, Paul Stephen, and journalists, ReadMe, for the official launch of their new office at Valiant Towers. The day included an inside look at the creative minds, daily operation and the all important culture that keeps Sagittarius ticking.

Sagittarius is a digital engineering and software solutions company with offices in the UK, Sri Lanka and Ukraine, they specialise in Sitecore, e-commerce, digital marketing and digital transformation projects.

When Readme asked CEO, Paul Stephen, why he chose Sri Lanka as Sagittarius’ overseas digital hub he commented: “We wanted to build a company that builds word class solutions and were evaluating various global locations. We wanted a dynamic culture and environment that works well with us in UK and our global clients so last year we decided to invest in Sri Lanka. We trusted and hired Tharshan Sreetharan as our Director & Chief Operating Officer to get us off the ground and here we are today, from a 1 member team to a 10 member team in just 12 months. We are proud to have created a great working environment in a spacious and creative office in Colombo and are continuing to invest and hire more people in Sri Lanka to accomplish our mission.”

The leadership team at Sagittarius strongly believe that cultural is an integral part of what they offer and Tharshan prides himself on in having set out from day one to build a culture that is fun, stimulating, creative and a sets that ‘good feel’ atmosphere.

When asked about how Tharshan maintains such a culture he comments: “We want people that wake up and love coming to work. Thinking what's in store for them and love the challenges in a work environment that is both fun and engaging. Of course, to get such people, Sagittarius understands that it needs to offer a place that they’d love to work at. This is why there’s a strong focus on culture and values of its people in the company.

“We have always made it a habit to ensure that those in the team that does great work are recognised and rewarded. And Sagittarius believes it’s important for this recognition to come from its teams and the leadership. Thus, the company maintains a policy where team members can nominate people they believe have gone out of their way to be recognised with a special award.”
It’s an exciting time for the Sagittarius team in Colombo and as the company continues to invest in training and recruits in the area, the only way really is up for this budding Global business.

Interested in joining the team in Sri Lanka? Contact Tharshan via to find out more

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Tracy-Ann Lee
Marketing Manager
Tracy-Ann is the agency’s Marketing Manager with a strong background in Marketing and Brand campaigns, Event Management and Business Development. Tracy-Ann joined Sagittarius in June 2021 to deliver exceptional external brand experiences, engaging communications and driving the development of relationships with key strategic partners across the UK, Middle East and United States.

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Tracy-Ann Lee

25 Sep 2018 - 5 minute read
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