Sagittarius awarded Sitecore Global Platinum Partner for its consecutive year.

Sitecore key image - Sagittarius awarded Sitecore Global Platinum Partner

Announced today, industry-leading martech DXP Sitecore has awarded the prestigious Global Platinum Enterprise Solutions Partner status to Sagittarius for its second year.


Owen Taraniuk, SVP Global Partners at Sitecore awarded the certified Platinum status, based on a rich combination of licence sales, unrivalled certified talent, specialised in deploying Sitecore’s products and continued commitment to the fast-evolving technology.

Speaking about the award, Ian MacArthur, CEO of Sagittarius said “Sitting firmly in a very small group of top tier Sitecore partners is of paramount importance to us. It helps reinforce our trusted status and demonstrates our leading-edge capabilities to the wider market. When brands invest in Sitecore they also need the very best agency expertise to deliver competition smashing results.

Sagittarius continues to invest in the future of Sitecore; embracing the implementation of their cloud offerings, including the recent launch of XMCloud, the newest addition to the headless technology solution, and supporting brands in new territories such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as the UK and North America.

As the only partner to provide a dedicated Sitecore optimisation consultancy practice and training academy, Sagittarius is expanding these unique services as part of its expansion to new markets – whilst also ensuring Sitecore users see genuine ROI on their investments by delivering experiences that convert.

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Tracy-Ann Lee
Marketing Manager
Tracy-Ann is the agency’s Marketing Manager with a strong background in Marketing and Brand campaigns, Event Management and Business Development. Tracy-Ann joined Sagittarius in June 2021 to deliver exceptional external brand experiences, engaging communications and driving the development of relationships with key strategic partners across the UK, Middle East and United States.

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Tracy-Ann Lee

15 Sep 2022 - 1 minute read
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