Sagittarius Supports Baxi Trade Migration to Sitecore.


Leading commercial and domestic heating and hot water specialists, Baxi Heating is part of the Netherlands based BDR Thermea Group and in 2017 they made the transition to Sitecore and migrated their consumer-facing site onto the platform.

In early 2018 they decided to work with Sagittarius to continue the migration by moving their trade site back into the main domain and into the Sitecore environment. This was an essential and integral move as it would give Baxi more security and site stability control whilst also centralising their CMS infrastructure.

This tech-focussed migration was the first project in a long line of improvements for Baxi, encompassing a UX review to improve user journeys across the site alongside a design review to ensure the Baxi brand message was consistently maintained giving the site a new lease of life.

During this time, Sagittarius also worked with Baxi through a series of workshops to identify audience types and personas, which enabled the team to create personalisation rules across the site; further, improve the customer experience whilst also allowing the team to track consumer behaviour and optimise accordingly.

Alongside the migration, our experienced optimisation experts were on hand to carry out SEO audits to ensure that the site went live with good content that would maintain organic search rankings, improve visibility and grow brand equity.

Since the launch of the in April 2019 we’ve received nothing but positive feedback, with Baxi now working with us to update the consumer-facing website, with the successful designs and user experience.

We look forward to reporting back in the upcoming months with the end result of this project and to see how the new synergy is paying off!

“It was great to have an ambitious client who wanted to put their customers and audience at the heart of what they do. The whole team were really engaged with the process and we had some great workshop sessions that started the relationship off on the right note. They also took the time to immerse our team into their environment and we visited several factories and on-boarding sessions that really gave us great insight into Baxi, their values and processes. We’re so pleased that the designs we have produced are now being rolled out onto the consumer side of the site and can’t wait to see how this affects the user engagement and experience.” Emma Nijjar, Head of Client Services at Sagittarius

“It was great too, not only, get the trade section of the website onto Sitecore but to take a fresh look at the UX and design. The team at Sagittarius started from the ground up and we felt involved at every stage. The SBOS sessions really helped us to focus on our audience, to establish their wants and needs and what we need to do to answer them. We now have a site that is customer-focused and sets Baxi apart from its competitors. We’re excited to continue the work on the site and look forward to working with the team at Sagittarius in 2020 to really make the most of what Sitecore has to offer” Ffion Melton, Digital Marketing Executive at Baxi

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Today award-winning digital experience agency Sagittarius is proud to have been certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management systems standard by business improvement company, BSI.

Leading brands demand first-class information security from their agency partners and the only real proof of this is achieving the ISO / IEC 27001 Certification. If you’re in sectors such as Financial Services, Healthcare, or even working with Government and Third Sector you’ll know that regulation and compliance are essential throughout your supply chain and that the top priority is guarding information and data.

Nick Towers, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sagittarius said “We wanted to ensure that brands can come to us in the knowledge that we take data security, data protection and privacy very seriously. Our mantra is ‘remarkable’ and this applies to not just what we do but how we do it and ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised best practice framework for this. To achieve this in six months’ pay testimony to the hard work and commitment to security and privacy that prevails at Sagittarius and I’m very proud of the whole team who have made it their mission to exceed the high standards needed.”

Sagittarius wanted to meet the very highest standard and so decided to work with BSI whose mission is to ‘share knowledge, innovation and best practice to help people and organizations make excellence a habit’. 
Achieving ISO 27001 certification clearly demonstrates that the Information Security Management System at Sagittarius meets international best practice and demonstrates to our customers and partners that we handle information securely throughout the business. 

The agency accepted that by embracing the implementation process they were actively encouraging their team to delve into internal processes and rather than accepting these as ‘the norm’, firstly making sure they were all documented sufficiently. Then as part of that process, they challenged and questioned each process to pressure test validity and innovate and improve where necessary.  BSI then rigorously audited Sagittarius’ policies, processes, and approach to data security. Through the audit stages, BSI shared opportunities for improvement and have helped refine the Sagittarius InfoSec roadmap. 

Data is the most valuable asset any business can have and to achieve peak performance through a truly connected strategy and digital experience it’s imperative that data and information is shared with the agency partner. Trust plays a pivotal role and assurances of confidentiality can only be achieved through an ISO 27001 accredited organisation.
Initiatives like the GDPR have raised the bar on compliance and the associated fines for having gaps in governance leading to breaches are significant. At Sagittarius we operate a single source of truth using tools and systems such as Confluence and Jira to provide documentation quickly and accurately and this was complimented by the auditors. 

Nick goes on to say “We are delighted to create even more value for our clients and prioritise the things that matter to them and their customers. This ISO 27001 certification bolsters our class leading NPS score of 85 adding deeper quality to our services. It sets us apart from other agencies when brands are looking for a partner with deeper credentials. We wanted to take the next step and ensure that Information Security became baked into everyday processes and the way we function as a business. We set an ambitious timeline of achieving the ISO 27001 certification and to meet the highest possible standards through independent auditing and we’ve nailed it. We pride ourselves on ensuring the data of our clients, team and partners are handled in the most responsible manner.”

Gigi Robinson, Regional Product Manager – Information Security & Business Continuity, said: "Protecting information is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations. Achieving ISO 27001 demonstrates Sagittarius' commitment and proactive approach in ensuring their information management processes are robust, secure and resilient for the future. We are thrilled to have supported Sagittarius in achieving this certification which demonstrates to customers and suppliers an ability to handle information securely."

Additional Notes
ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized best practice framework for an information security management system (ISMS). Sagittarius has designed a set of adequate and proportionate security controls within the ISMS to help protect our internal and our clients’ information against cyber-attacks. We have used the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the NIS Regulation as part of our framework.  


Naomi Harper
Head of Marketing & Communications
Naomi is the agency's Head of Marketing & Communications with a strong background in Public Relations, events, Marketing and Brand campaigns.

Naomi joined Sagittarius in January 2021 to deliver exceptional external brand experiences, engaging internal communications and to assist with the driving of sales and the developing of relationships with key strategic suppliers.


Naomi Harper

24 Sep 2019 - minute read
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