Streetlights Mean 30 Multichannel Campaign Success.


It's been an exciting 6 months for us working on the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership Street Lights Mean 30 campaign and we’re pleased to report on the campaign's success!

The Streetlights Means 30 campaign was commissioned by the K&MSCP, to raise awareness of the 30mph speed limit on Kent roads.

Key messages of the campaign focused on educating drivers that where streetlights are seen, the speed limit is usually 30.

The campaign had very clear aims from the outset including achieve significant reach across the county of Kent, Communicate the key messages across multiple channels and Integrate offline and online elements of the campaign.

The overall strategy adopted in response to the brief was to use a wider range of offline and digital channels to significantly scale up the reach of the campaign, integrating these channels where possible and using impactful creative messages to gain attention.

The campaign saw some fabulous results including 3,108,075 Impacts including impressions and reach with 11 active campaigns run across 8 different channels; Radio, VOD, Display, Facebook, Twitter, KentOnline, Native and YouTube.

Take a look at our K&MSCP case study page where you can find the full campaign details and watch our case study YouTube video!

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Sarah Dennis
Sarah Dennis
Head of Marketing & Communications
Sarah is the agency's Head of Marketing & Communications and has a strong passion for marketing campaigns, events and all things Sitecore!

Having joined the agency in 2013, Sarah has been part of the agencies growth story and leads the marketing team in delivering great internal and external brand experiences, driving sales and developing relationships with key strategic suppliers.
Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis

19 Oct 2015 - 1 minute read
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