Success at Ukraine Technical User Group.


Last week our Ukrainian team were proud to host the most recent Sitecore Technical User Group in Vinnytsia where three members of the Sagittarius team presented around their respective area of expertise using the Sitecore platform.

The event heard from one of Sitecore’s own Senior Developers, Maksim Klakov, who explored Sitecore Data Exchange Framework as well as:

Vladimir Nikitin, Office Director and Project Management Consultant who explored ‘Digital Experience Platform - Marketing Evolution’

Anton Tishchenko, Lead Sitecore Developer on ‘Continuous Integration and Delivery for Your Sitecore Project'

Sergey Lavreniuk, Senior Client-Side Developer about 'Theming in Data Driven Controls’

The evening saw a fantastic attendance of 25 members of the development community and was a great opportunity for the team to network amongst their fellow Sitecore development community peers.

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Naomi Harper
Head of Marketing & Communications
Naomi is the agency's Head of Marketing & Communications with a strong background in Public Relations, events, Marketing and Brand campaigns.

Naomi joined Sagittarius in January 2021 to deliver exceptional external brand experiences, engaging internal communications and to assist with the driving of sales and the developing of relationships with key strategic suppliers.


Naomi Harper

19 Dec 2018 - 5 minute read
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