End-to-end campaign strategy saw Baxi grow in aftersales leads 

their challenge

Baxi came to Sagittarius with ambitious targets to rapidly expedite lead generation for their aftersales business. The primary objective was to generate increased telephone and online leads, with a secondary objective to drive efficiencies to CPL and greater ROI.

our ongoing partnership

To fuel rapid growth, we designed a holistic programme of work that sought to unlock potential across the end-to-end campaign process and identify new opportunities across the customer journey. This saw us:

  • Testing of new automated bid strategies
  • Optimisation of ad copy and the introduction of competitive incentives to drive impression share and CTR.
  • Provision of new landing pages that drove exponential improvement in ad relevance scores and, therefore, the visibility and cost of ad serving.
  • Conversion rate optimisation of landing pages to surface features, benefits, CTAs and split test results.
  • Identifying broader channel opportunities to re-engage lost leads
  • Connecting CRM data to identify Baxi boiler owners that are approaching the end of warranty and are, therefore, in the market for a repair or maintenance plan.
    Continued testing and improvement cycle across all activity.

To drive efficiencies, we refined Baxi’s existing tracking capabilities, including their call tracking setup, enabling far greater visibility of under and over-performing campaigns that fuelled subsequent optimisation decisions.


  • Comparing YoY growth from February 2020 to February 2021, we have driven:
  • 65% increase in leads
  • 45% decrease in cost per lead
  • 9% decrease in media spend

We continue to work collaboratively with Baxi to turn their long term growth ambitions into reality.

who are baxi?

Baxi Heating is part of the Netherlands based BDR Thermea Group. They also represent the well respected and historic brands in the heating and hot water sectors such as Andrews Water Heaters, Heatrae Sadia, Packaged Plant Solutions, Potterton Commercial, Potterton Residential and Remeha.

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Drive aftersales lead generation with an End-to-end campaign 

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