A 32,500 uplift in holiday searches on-site for BreakFree Holidays with 3-month campaign burst.

their challenge

BreakFree Holidays had historically focused their business model on selling primarily through newspaper promotions at heavily discounted prices, meaning that digital channels remained a largely untapped route to their target market.

They approached Sagittarius to run a trial campaign on a limited budget that would prove the opportunity to raise awareness of the brand as the go-to online aggregator of UK and European holiday park availability from major brands such as Haven, Parkdean Resorts, Away Resorts and Eurocamp. This would enable them to grow revenue from holidays sold via their website at the full ‘brochure’ price.

BreakFree Holidays set objectives for the campaign to achieve:

  • Brand awareness via 5,500,500 impressions
  • Sessions of 73,631
  • Average cost per click of £0.47
  • Quantify the quality of campaign traffic by the % that made a subsequent search on site for a holiday 

our solution

Campaign Strategy

The planning of the campaign was a crucial part of its success. We worked with BreakFree Holidays to understand the brand and audience. These insights were analysed to inform targeting, creative messaging and channel selection, which adopted a full funnel approach to capitalise on those in market today, whilst simultaneously building awareness of the brand and future demand with the target audience.

Implementation & creativity

In order to profile and better target the online customer (who differs significantly from customers sourced via newspaper promos), the first step was to deploy programmatic and retargeting pixels on BreakFree Holiday’s website, tagging key pages such as Home, Search, Search Results and Booking. Pixels were implemented several weeks prior to the campaign start date enabling us to gather data about the types of customers that visit and engage as well as creating audience pools for retargeting and lookalike prospecting. We immediately exploited an opportunity to start retargeting hot prospects (users who had searched and added trips to basket but not checked out).


Paid Search

We reviewed and planned a new thematic structure for BreakFree Holiday’s existing Google Ads account; due to high search volumes we proposed granular campaigns/ad groups using broad match modifier and exact match. During the campaign we reviewed and acted on insights from search term reports to add further negative keywords and improve targeting.


Content and Creative

Content or creative introduced the brand and explained its ‘price comparison’ proposition to the audience. We implemented A/B testing during the early weeks of the campaign to provide valuable performance insights.As BreakFree Holidays had not run a multichannel campaign of this nature previously, A/B testing enabled us to establish an initial benchmark. We explored a Rational vs Emotional split to creative and further applied this approach to campaign landing pages, testing different variants with a ‘compare prices’ or ‘from price’ message.Campaign KPIs were then used to understand which creative/channel/page combinations yielded the highest volume of sessions and subsequent on-site holiday searches, which the campaign was then progressively optimised for.


The campaign ran in the face of numerous macro-environmental challenges: an overlap with May half term and a snap general election. These events caused a lull in the market which was widely reported by operators themselves; we responded by restricting campaign budgets and working closely with the client to observe wider cues that the market was about to pick back up. Budgets were lowered to a safe level to avoid wasted spend but minimise negative impact on retargeting volumes.


As this was a first trial campaign for BreakFree Holidays, measurement was hugely important. A custom Google Analytics segment and dashboard was created to track campaign metrics across channels and provide transparency for all parties. It was also important to be able to provide a clear view of attribution, to provide an understanding of the channels that play a direct versus assisting role in the conversion process.

The campaign achieved:

  • An uplift in brand awareness via 11,266,943 impressions, up 104% on the campaign’s KPI
  • Sessions of 95,652, up 10.3% on KPIs
  • £0.42 average cost per click compared to a target of £0.47
  • High quality campaign traffic with 34% searching for a holiday, translating to an additional 32,500 holiday searches completed on site in the 3-month period
  • The campaign also achieved the softer aims of:
  • Identifying which channels performed best for expansion in future campaigns
  • Identifying platform issues around the booking process which were later improved through a programme of Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Identifying new opportunities for more granular and dynamic retargeting based on region searched for and holiday park viewed

The overriding challenge was to achieve visibility amongst the right audience with a limited budget, whilst starting from a low level of brand awareness. Their proposition as a business (the comparison site of UK park holidays) is a compelling one, however knowledge of this amongst their target audience was scarce. The results achieved by the campaign surpassed all expectations by more than doubling the reach and visibility targeted as well as exceeding all other key metrics for the campaign.


who are BreakFree Holidays?

BreakFree Holidays is an online aggregator of holidays, selling UK and European holiday park availability from major brands such as Haven, Parkdean Resorts, Away Resorts and Eurocamp.


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