UX Discovery uncovers key insights into user groups needs through Voice of Customer data collection and analysis.

their challenge

Bristan is one of the UK’s leading brands, offering a complete spectrum of innovative taps, showers and accessories for domestic & commercial specifications. The Bristan website services 4 key user groups; Homeowners, Installers, Specifiers & Merchants - all of which have different user needs.

Bristan wanted to better understand how their customers used the site, whether they utilised key tools like their project & wish list builders and gain insights on how key user group experiences could be improved by personalising journeys based upon browsing type.

our solution

Sagittarius took a holistic approach, undertaking a UX discovery including:

  • Heuristic reviews and user flow data gathering, coupled with VoC insights through user interviews and recorded observations
  • User story workshops that turned our user needs into user stories and translated into a framework that was scored by the impact they had of user experiences, and how they aligned with business objectives
  • SBOS workshops to determine how profiles and personas could be identified, and how contextual messaging and CTA’s could be surfaced based upon understanding the user’s footprint and at which stage they are in the customer lifecycle.



We uncovered key insights into different user groups challenges, desires and expectations of the website. It became clear that specific user journeys were poorly signposted, core tools across the site underutilised, and there was a real demand from particular user groups to be able to self serve.

Using these insights, we were able to build roadmaps segmented by the audience type and prioritise activity plans that tackled user needs through a relevance and impact framework. We were also able to establish a strategic and robust personalisation foundation to steer Bristan on their journey to personalisation and creating contextual customer experiences.


Real customer success stories.

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