An immersive website experience that delighted customers and delivered results for the brand.

Year on year, the new website helped increase ‘get a quote’ enquiries by


Online bookings rose by


While it wasn’t a core objective, the shallow nature of the navigation also led to a decrease in bounce rates of


The Contiki website has gone on to win awards for User Experience, Use of Digital and Digital Transformation.

Their Challenge

How do you make the act of researching and booking a holiday an engaging and memorable experience for a millennial audience?

This was the question Contiki, a world-leading travel brand for 18-to-35-year-olds, asked when it was time to re-platform their website.

They knew that this mobile, digitally native audience needed a website that was visually stunning, easy to use and delivered personalised content based on their interests and actions.

They also wanted a website that reflected the adventurous and fun side of the brand as well as a stable platform that would generate ‘get a quote’ enquiries and ultimately lead to more bookings.

Contiki appointed Sagittarius to help them create and deliver a best-in-class technically brilliant website on the Sitecore platform.

our solution

For an audience always on the move, we knew the website had to be mobile-first in its design and build. It also had to be clean and simple in its layout, with high-impact visuals that made the website visitor feel they were immediately immersed in the destination.

Research showed that this audience frequently switched between inspirational content and practical logistics when planning their next trip. So we knew that the navigation needed to support that behaviour.

Contiki supporting-4

Having worked closely with Sagittarius, we’ve been able to push the Sitecore platform to its full potential.

Rah Dhawan, Global CTO & Strategic Director
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Sitecore was the platform of choice because of its ability to personalise the content and experience based on how customers got to the website or the customer’s position in the booking journey.


We ran our Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategy (SBOS) workshops with Contiki, helping clarify their digital goals and target audiences, using that knowledge as the basis for our personalisation strategies.


We also worked with them to identify 10 functional areas of the website that they wanted to improve. These included using natural language in the search functionality, encouraging the social sharing of content and integrating add-ons like flights or insurance.


Using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best version of the functionality, we created a digital roadmap that would take Contiki from an average position of 1 or 2 to a position of 10 across all the functional areas we identified.


We were also able to map Sitecore feature releases to the roadmap so that Contiki’s website made the most of the latest technology and upgrades.


Through our diamond relationship model, we paired people from the agency with a similar role in the client office to make communication easier and faster. Working closely with our counterparts in Contiki, we provided the strategic guidance on the design and build project, including technical training as required, to ensure their new website launch was a success.

Increase leads with personalised cross device experiences

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With Sagittarius’ expertise in the platform, their strategic insight and the SBOS workshops undertaken, we have been able to better understand our audiences and develop and implement a strong and relevant personalisation, engagement and content plan

Raj Dhawan, Global CTO & Strategic Director