Digital ad campaign to test safe alcohol levels exceeded expectations achieving a 17.35% conversion rate.

conversion rate


under budget



  • 7.6 million ad impressions with the target audience
  • Test completions at a very high rate of over 17.35%
  • 4158 tests completed, far exceeding the target of 1500
  • Improved results of a previous large-scale offline PR campaign by 259%
  • 31,743 clicks or results

Their challenge

Kent County Council aimed to reduce the number of people regularly drinking harmful levels of alcohol with a ‘Know Your Score’ campaign which provides an individual score to indicate safe or harmful consumption levels for the individual.

The overall aims of the campaign were to increase Kent residents’ awareness and understanding of their alcohol levels and the possible health consequences via an online self-assessment IBA tool which ended with an advisory video.

Our solution

For the campaign creative, we effectively hijacked the highly engaging look and feel of digital advertising used by alcohol brands to encourage drinking, but instead to challenge our target audience over their regular drinking habits.

We created a series of Cinemagraph format images, display banners and static images, in different themed sets, to help compare engagement levels and provide useful data for future campaigns.

Campaign messages focused on common issues, which may be experienced due to regular drinking.


The success of this project has opened our eyes to the power of digital-only campaigns. Public health has a remit to deliver population-level interventions, and this campaign really helped us meet the challenge of reaching a large audience with a limited spend, whilst providing us with excellent data and insights into our target audience

Wayne Gough, Business Planning and Strategy Manager (Public Health) - Kent County Council

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