Innovative e-learning tool brings clinicians together from across the globe to increase awareness and improve treatment rates of Pulmonary Vascular Disease.

Their challenge

The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) appointed Sagittarius to develop a digital e-learning initiative to facilitate the early detection of a commonly undiagnosed illness.

With limited funding and awareness of the disease, pulmonary hypertension is an important issue across the world and the mission of the PVRI is to increase awareness and improve the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the condition by educating clinicians within its network and beyond.

Our solution

We developed a globally available, user-friendly and lifelike e-learning tool that helped to improve the diagnosis and treatment of PH. The e-learning tool, known as the 'PVRI Digital Clinic', provides users with authentic patient cases to assess. These cases include interactive content such as patient and specialist's video content and imagery, authentic medical charts, data and test results (with all contributors remaining anonymous).

The user-friendly tool was accessible to clinicians globally and simulated the experience of shadowing a clinician. Ultimately, this innovative tool helped clinicians to make informed choices for diagnosis and treatment pathways and helped them to assist patients with the management of the condition.


Use e-learning digital tools to drive awareness, diagnosis and treatment

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Sagittarius has been instrumental in helping us build the right tool for the job. The PVRI Digital Clinic was built in partnership with a great team from proof of concept, into one of our core mission objectives. We look forward to working with them on future iterations of the Clinic

Aaron Shefras, Marketing Project Manager - PVRI

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