Creating high-flying experiences that convert for travel and tourism brands

The travel and tourism industries have taken a hit over the last 2 years with COVID-19 and its fluctuant travel restrictions. On a positive note, the pandemic has given brands time to rethink their marketing strategies and how to put the voice of customers at the forefront of their plans.


Our research on search trends and customer insights for this sector

We conducted a report on search trends following the lockdown ease in March 2021 and a survey that asked 500 individuals key questions on their holiday research process, the destination of choice and travel transport of choice. We coupled the results with key takeaways from and summarised what the future of travel looks like now things are slowly getting back to normal.

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Our award-winning experts creating a road-map to win

We are proud to have an award-winning team of dedicated account managers, engineers and project managers to cleverly create experiences that convert for your business. We have partnered with travel sector clients, including Contiki, Trafalgar, Journey Latin America and Red Carnation Hotels and we're proud of every piece of work we deliver. Our case studies demonstrate the strategic complexity and development expertise that we call upon to produce incredible work for all our clients. Look through the various projects we have delivered, both in travel and outside, and see the breadth of talent and experience that we can bring to your business.


About Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is an award-winning digital agency that helps brands create high-converting digital experiences. We’re a multinational team of innovators, visionaries, strategists, and problem solvers who will optimise your web experience and use data-lead decisions to power up your CRO, content, and UX. We take a marketing-first approach to our development, baking in performance and measurement to deliver impressive ROI on your technology investment. We specialise in Sitecore as both a complete or composable DXP platform and our own Sitecore Optimisation Consultancy and training academy to empower your people.

Successful with Sitecore

We are proud to be an elite Sitecore Platinum Partner with 5 MVPs and owner of the official Sitecore training academy, for developers and marketers who can take a deep dive into the complexities of this DXP composable platform with features such as personalisation and tips on the best conversion rate optimisation strategies.

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