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As an agency at the forefront of digital marketing we hold a number of thought leadership events and webinars throughout the year. 

We can also often be found speaking at national and international events on topics such as digital transformation, conversation rate optimisation to personalisation and future digital marketing trends!

We look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon!

Sitecore 9: Making Automated Marketing Possible

Wednesday 30th May 2018 - Online Event

Billed as the single largest wave of innovation ever release by Sitecore, version 9 offers a host of opportunities for brands and marketers alike.

This webinar will look at the latest release and explore the features and benefits including an introduction to the vastly improved Marketing Automation functionality.

This event is aimed at marketers and brands already using the Sitecore platform and considering upgrading the latest release.

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Search Intent Optimisation

Thursday 28th June 2018 - Online Event

Still optimising content for keywords purely because they have volume? Religiously focussing on the number of keywords in any given paragraph? Saying 'Content is King' without really being sure what you mean?

Search has changed - it's not what you say, it's the way you say it and why you say it.

Understanding the intent behind a search is key to understanding how and why content is served to users. This webinar will investigate how Google works in 2018 and explain how brands can better position themselves to appeal to search engines and customers.

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Customer Centricity

Friday 29th June 2018 - Microsoft, London

We're teaming up with Bench and Microsoft to deliver you an event all around customer centricity.

This event will explore the following topics:

  • The age of the customer
  • What do we mean by customer-centric?
  • What does customer centricity actually deliver for businesses?
  • How should you meet (and overcome) these?
  • What does truly ‘great’ look like today?
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Latest News

01 June 2018

Sitecore vs Kentico

Looking for an ecommerce solution? We compare Sitecore and Kentico so you don't have to!


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