how can manufacturing & construction brands rise to the challenge of digital transformation?

With the construction and manufacturing space becoming more competitive than ever, brands need to stand out from the crowd and understand how they can get closer to their audiences 24/7.

Brands can harness the power of digital to talk to multiple audience types and deliver contextual marketing messages to the right persona at the right time across the right channel.

This white paper explores the challenges construction and manufacturing brands are facing, how buying audiences, needs and behaviours are changing and what brands needs to do to react and stay ahead of the competition.

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rising to the challenge of digital transformation in travel whitepaper.

In partnership with leading publisher Travolution, this whitepaper explores how GDPR affected the industry and how the adoption of Live Chat, Machine Learning and AI will impact the manual processes we all complete every day.

We explore the wider travel technology landscape and answer the challenges faced at board level by some of the biggest brands in the travel space, focussing on:

  • GDPR
  • Customer Engagement
  • The best MCM channel
  • AI and ML
  • Brexit
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implementing ucommerce with sitecore.

Discover what the team have been up to working for home and garden brand, Jacksons Fencing to deliver a website on Sitecore with integrations to Ucommerce in a bid to enhance personalisation and provide a 360-degree single view of the customer across all channels. 

download the case study

the social journey to ROI in travel.

Working in conjunction with social powerhouse Immediate Future, Sagittarius commissioned this white paper which looks at social media behaviours across the customer journey to ROI for the travel and tourism industry.

This white paper looks a two sides of the social data coin, the talkers and the lurkers and analysed the 1000's of conversations happening every day surrounding travel and tourism.

Download this white paper today to understand the social touch-points, behaviours and triggers that form part of the travel purchase journey and how ever growing digital savvy audience are using online channels to inform purchase decisions.

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how do DIY customers buy on and offline?

This white paper aims to discover if it is possible to source everything you might need for any DIY project all in-store or all online?

How DIY customers are inspired and engaged to purchase products?

We wanted to find out how the DIY industry is serving its customers and if the industry is keeping up with the challenges of online channels.

With the ever growing digital savvy consumers are the online channels becoming more dominant?

download white paper

Latest News

27 May 2020

Whilst the world sleeps, Jacksons Fencing forges forward

We explore how Jacksons have adapted to the new normal and achieved record breaking results


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