personalisation & segmentation

Segment your audiences and deliver contextualised marketing messages that resonate and drive conversion.

personalisation & segmentation specialists.

At Sagittarius, our aim is to help the brands we work with cultivate an army of loyal, lifelong customers. We do this by learning everything we can about your audience and then helping you unlock the touch points that will build a closer relationship.


Our expert team specialise in optimisation, personalisation and engagement workshops tailored to your business. Sessions include understanding and defining engagement values, implementing digital goals and measuring the value that interactions generate. We also offer Sitecore specific training to help businesses leverage the platform's potential.


Every interaction on your website has potential. Yes, there’s a data exchange – they learn about you and you learn about them – but the potential doesn’t end there. By utilising your personalisation potential, you harness the power to create a meaningful conversation with your customers that can continue long after users leave your site.

Contact us to find out more about how our digital strategists can work with you to personalise your marketing efforts across a number of channels in order to increase conversions and create dynamic personalisation. This approach allows you to surface content and CTAs that you think are most relevant to that ‘persona’ during a specific point in the funnel. Then you really can start developing a user journey that is both meaningful and mutually beneficial.


There’s no place for ‘one size fits all’ in a high-performing acquisition and retention strategy. That’s why our personalisation and segmentation consultants enable you to use your data to understand your audience, segment them into groups based on their implicit and explicit behaviours and understand what type of customer they might be. Armed with this info, you personalise the content they see so it’s always relevant to their point in the sales cycle. Get in touch to find out more.


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