Sagittarius Announces Sitecore V 8.x GDPR Tool.


With the UK's GDPR deadline drawing ever closer the question on everyone’s mind is how will I ensure my website conforms to the necessary requirements of the legislation.

Here at Sagittarius we live and breathe Sitecore and following industry demand and the announcement of the General Data Protection Regulation we’ve been working tirelessly to produce a tool that will allow brands utilising the Sitecore platform who are not ready to upgrade to version 9 (the only release that currently tackles the legislation) to ensure that their Sitecore instance is compliant.

The Sagittarius GDPR tool is a User Data Module that is compatible with any version of Sitecore 8 or 9 and creates a new button within the Sitecore Launchpad that allows businesses to anonymise and extract PII data from xDB and List Manager using the provided email or name ID.

This tool is available to both existing Sagittarius customers and anyone that is currently on Sitecore 8 or 9 that requires an integrated GDPR tool.

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Sarah Dennis
Sarah Dennis
Head of Marketing & Communications
Sarah is the agency's Head of Marketing & Communications and has a strong passion for marketing campaigns, events and all things Sitecore!

Having joined the agency in 2013, Sarah has been part of the agencies growth story and leads the marketing team in delivering great internal and external brand experiences, driving sales and developing relationships with key strategic suppliers.
Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis

01 May 2018 - 5 minute read
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