Sagittarius were awarded the project of replacing the existing website with one which has a contemporary design, simple user journeys, strong search presence and ultimately achieve higher revenues.

Brakes Catering Equipment wanted to ensure that existing customers and potential customers understand the complete Brakes offering across food and equipment. The website needed to be positioned as the first port-of-call for catering equipment customers when buying online.

As an ecommerce project this website also had a number of revenue based objectives such as to increase conversion and traffic targets. Importantly, the new website had to complement all of the other marketing activities across Brakes Catering Equipment and the Brakes brand as a whole.


Sagittarius developed a bespoke Content Management System and Ecommerce platform to provide the foundation for the new website. The digital team created a design treatment to sensitively position Brakes Catering Equipment as a ‘premium’ player in the industry. The new ‘look and feel’ is aimed to reassure customers of staff expertise, especially relating to the purchase of larger products such as cookers, refrigerators and food preparation machines. A further key requirement was to feature the full kitchen installation service, as a showcase element.

This intelligent e-commerce site now has an enhanced user experience making it easier to buy and review the full range of Brakes high-end catering equipment. So for example, “customers who bought x, also bought y”, “related products” and “previously purchased items” this will also help the up-sell and cross-sell of products.

One of the key challenges to overcome was to persuade users that Brakes offer more than just food solutions. The Catering part of the business needed to be repositioned harnessing Brakes strong brand recognition. It was essential to strongly differentiate the Brakes Catering Equipment offer, as many products are delivered by all the major players.

In addition, the Sagittarius team delivered an integrated digital package to support the website to include a combined organic search and paid search strategy. Overall, the new website aims to communicate Brakes thorough understanding of catering equipment and their passion for innovation, quality and service.


  • Website Revenue increased 42.5%
  • Website Transactions increased by 30.1%
  • Average Order Value improved by 9.5%
  • Mobile Website Revenue increased by 109.6%
  • Desktop Conversion Rate increased by 14.5%
  • Organic Traffic transactions increased by 20.3% 

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