We have worked with European Study Tours for a number of years on both SEO and Paid Advertising with the aim of improving their visibility, increasing traffic and ultimately, creating more conversions.

Most recently we have worked to continue to increase website traffic by capturing people earlier on in the buying process. As with most high value purchases, there is an extensive research stage before most buyers will commit and we wanted to make sure that EST stood out even at these early stages.


It was important to make sure that information that potential buyers would be looking for as part of their research was presented on the website, both in an accessible way for visitors to the website, but equally importantly, that it answered questions that may be used in search engines and that this content was well optimised accordingly.

We have also worked to improve the content on the site that gave more information about the destinations and how they were relevant to school trips. This was done to ensure that users that may not be ready to enquire or book their school trip would find value in the EST site and would be more likely to return to it as a source of information. The higher quality content would also bring additional benefits to the site’s SEO as a whole.


This digital marketing SEO campaign activity has seen an increase in organic traffic with the previous 6 weeks showing a 9% increase in traffic and a 6% increase in tailor made quote requests. (March 2017)

In addition, the website now appears for some terms in search results as a featured snippet (when a portion of text is shown in a separate box at the top of search results). Google now recognises the site as a highly authoritative source of information. It also means that the site is featured prominently in search results, above all competitor sites, even for terms that it doesn’t necessarily rank No.1 for in normal organic results.

Although there are no hard and fast rules for having your website used as a featured snippet, we believe it is due to the combination of high quality content, presented in a way that is easy for search engines to understand.


Latest News

24 September 2020

Improving digital business travel experiences

Head of agency services, Marie explores the ways that business travel experiences could be improved for the future


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